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AncientSpireOutpost Tavern Tasha.png
Type NPC
Location Ancient Spire Outpost
Related The Legendary Storyteller icon.png The Legendary Storyteller
Voice Actor Jessica Hayles
Double Quotations Left.png
Dad told me not to listen. "No truth ever rolled off a pirate's tongue", he'd say. But kids have to believe in something, don't they?
— Tasha, during The Legendary Storyteller

Tasha is a tavernkeep at The Unicorn tavern on Ancient Spire Outpost.

While Tasha condemns gossip, she herself spreads rumours and lets slip many secrets that she has been entrusted with.


Dialogue icon.png

Come and relax with a grog, you can be certain anything heard within the walls of Tasha's tavern will go no further.

A grog sounds just like the thing. What have you got?

We've got 'Neptune's Barnacle Teaser'. It's quite a potent brew.
That uppity Tanya from Plunder Outpost was in here drinking it last night.
Pretends she's above the rest of us, but I've never heard such foul language.
Even so, it's not for me to judge. Can't stand gossips.

Surely you must hear about where pirates bury their treasure?

Oh yes, but they can rely on me to keep quiet.
Like when I overheard Filthy Rich Semmens telling his crew where to bury their treasure.
Told them to hide it here on this very outpost, would you believe?
I'll make sure their secret remains safe until they get back.

Had any legends walk through the door recently?

A few, but of course I respect their privacy.
Why, only last week we had Plunderin' Parkes trying to sell her smuggled monkeys.
Before that I saw Matey Marlow dancing in his legendary underpants on the bar.
Then you wouldn't believe when...
But I'll say no more, I'm no gossip.


initiating conversation

• Got any stories to share?
• Let me fill that tankard of yours.
• Welcome to The Unicorn.

Ending conversation

• Don't be a stranger now.
• Leaving so soon?
• The door's always open.