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This template creates an "icon link" that displays a small image paired along with a link to an article page. A file matching the page name must exist (Ex. "Gold Hoarders icon.png") but if such an image does not exist, a custom one may be chosen using custom parameters (see below).


The first parameter entry is the link's intended name, it must match the target page name unless using a customized link.

The following are optional parameters that allow you to customize the template's results:

Parameter Data type Values Notes
link string true Customizes the link.
Useful if a page name contains bracketed text or an alternate wording is desired.
image string true Customize the image used.
Please use sparingly.


The following examples demonstrate how the above listed parameters can be used to customize the ilink template.

Result Code Note
The Shroudbreaker (quest) icon.png The Shroudbreaker (Quest) {{ilink|The Shroudbreaker (Quest)}} Basic usage.
The Shroudbreaker (quest) icon.png The Shroudbreaker {{ilink|The Shroudbreaker|link=The Shroudbreaker (Quest)}} Custom link.
Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls Set {{ilink|Order of Souls Set|image=Order of Souls icon.png}} Custom image.

Supported pages

The following are examples of supported image + link combos.