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This is just a generic infobox with a few sample fields


Parameter Example values Notes
name Custom Name By default, the Wiki will use the pagename. This overrides that for a custom infobox name.
image image.png, image.jpg By default, the Wiki will try to find a File:{PAGENAME}.png. Otherwise it uses the selected image from this parameter.
caption Custom text for image description. (optional) A short text placed below the infobox image for added context.
hidedetail Yes You can use hidedetail for instances where you don't want the details section of the infobox visible.
type Island, Creature Indicates generic parent item.
pet Macaw Indicates the breed of a Pet.
set Bilge Rat Indicates the Cosmetic Set. (Automatically)
bundle Bear & Bird Ship Bundle Indicates a Bundles that the item belongs to.
creaturetype Hostile, Non-Hostile Indicates the Creature behaviour. (Alias: behavior)
location Cannon Cove, Outpost Indicates the Location.
region The Shores of Plenty, The Devil's Roar, Athena's Fortune Hideout Indicates the region.
map F4 Indicates Map coordinates.
source Voyages In-Game Source of Article.
shop Equipment Shop The related Shop.
reward 10000 Reward in gold.
reward2 10000 Merchant Commission Reward
reward-d 10 Reward in bilge rat doubloons.
reward-a 10 Reward in Ancient Coins.
cost 10000 Cost in Gold.
cost-d 10 Cost in Bilge Rat doubloons.
cost-a 10 Cost in Ancient Coins.
cost-irl 4.99 Cost in real world currency, use USD value when available.
emissary-value 432 Emissary value rewarded for selling the item.
emissary-value2 2160 Emissary value rewarded for selling the item, if commissioned by the Merchant Alliance.
related Skeleton Related to.
company Merchant Alliance, The Hunter's Call Indicates main related company. If multiple, or if not strongly connected to a company, use affiliation.
affiliation Magpie's Wing Indicates other related companies, Ship crews, etc.
For addendums use {{c|}} which will automatically bracket the inserted text (ex. (Former)) (See Template:c)
status Dead Indicates status of NPC. Should only be used in extreme cases where their status is important to the lore.
sellto Madames or
The Servant of the Flame
Indicates the related NPC(s) who'll buy the item.
animals Chicken, Pig Indicates animals. To be used for island infoboxes.
promo Merchant Bosun Indicates required promotion.
title Legendary Cargo Runner Indicates required title.
commendation The Festival Party Boat Indicates required commendation.
hoarder-level 50 Indicates required Reputation level in Gold Hoarders.
merchant-level 50 Indicates required Reputation level in Merchant Alliance.
souls-level 50 Indicates required Reputation level in Order of Souls.
hunter-level 50 Indicates required Reputation level in The Hunter's Call.
seadog-level 50 Indicates required Reputation level in Sea Dogs.
athena-level 10 Indicates required Reputation level in Athena's Fortune.
legendary Yes (Single Value) Indicates Pirate Legend requirement. (Overwrites hoarder-, merchant-, souls-, hunter-, seadog-level)
season-level 100 Required Renown Level to be rewarded the item, during the season.
crew 4 Indicates crew size.
cannons 8 Indicates how many cannons.
length 2 Rigs Amount of Length Cleats
direction 2 Rigs Amount of Angle Pulleys
food 2 Indicates amount of Food.
cannonballs 3 Indicates amount of Cannonballs.
planks 1 Indicates amount of Planks.
planned Yes (Single Value) Is the content planned for upcoming updates? If no, delete this parameter.
removed Yes (Single Value) Is the content removed? If no, delete this parameter.
timelimited Yes (Single Value) Was the content Time-Limited? If no, delete this parameter.
actor Joe Neate Voice Actor.
duration 3 Weeks Indicates duration of Event.
availability Oct. 16 - Nov. 20, 2019 Indicates the duration of the item / voyage's availability.
patch 1.2.0 Indicates patch version.
event Dark Relics Indicates Bilge Rat Event.
damage 50 Damage dealt.
reloadspeed 2s How long a weapon takes to be loaded/reloaded. (Cannons, Guns)
attackspeed 2s How long a weapon takes to be used/swung again. (Cutlasses, Throwables)
heals +20 Indicates Health regained from food.
regen 25% Indicates the Health Regen % gained from Food
bites 1 Indicates the number of bites available to that food item. (Like Meat)
ID 629 Shows the item ID number.


| name = 
| image = 
| hidedetail =
| type = 
| pet =
| set =
| bundle =
| creaturetype =
| location = 
| region = 
| source = 
| shop =
| reward = 
| reward2 =
| reward-d = 
| reward-a = 
| cost = 
| cost-d =
| cost-a =
| cost-irl =
| emissary-value =
| emissary-value2 =
| related = 
| ID = 
| map = 
| company = 
| affiliation =
| sellto =
| animals = 
| promo = 
| title = 
| commendation = 
| hoarder-level = 
| merchant-level = 
| souls-level = 
| hunter-level =
| seadog-level =
| athena-level = 
| legendary = 
| season-level =
| crew = 
| cannons = 
| length = 
| direction = 
| food = 
| cannonballs = 
| planks = 
| planned = 
| removed =
| timelimited =
| actor  =
| duration =
| patch =
| event =
| damage =
| reloadspeed =
| attackspeed =
| heals =
| regen =
| bites =
| status =