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The Cursed Rogue
The Cursed Rogue quest.png
Type Tall Tale
Issuer Madame Olivia
Story arc Shores of Gold
Part 2/9
Reward 8,000 Gold.png
Tale chronology
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The Shroudbreaker (Quest) The Legendary Storyteller
Template-info.png Documentation

For use on Tall Tale pages, allowing navigation between Tales within a story arc.


Parameter Example values Notes
title The Shroudbreaker Set custom title. (Optional. Default is the page name.)
image example.png Set image.
size 256px Set custom image size. (Not Recommended) Default is 250x250px.
image2 example2.png Set second image.
reward 5000 Set custom reward. (Not Recommended) Default is 3000.
issuer Madame Olivia Set issuer. (Where a player can start the tale)
story Shores of Gold Set story arc.
part 2/9 Set part and total tales within story arc.
prev The Shroudbreaker (Quest) Set previous tale. (Must be page name for tale)
next The Legendary Storyteller Set next tale. (Must be page name for tale)


{{infobox tale
|image= The Cursed Rogue quest.png
|title= The Cursed Rogue
|issuer= Madame Olivia
|story= Shores of Gold
|part= 2/9
|prev= The Shroudbreaker (Quest)
|next= The Legendary Storyteller