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The Sunken Curse
The Sunken Curse.png
Type Content Update
Patch 1.1.6
Duration July 10th – July 24th, 2018
Location Duke
Related Bilge Rat Adventures
Update Chronology
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Gunpowder Skeletons (Event) Cursed Sails
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For use on Content Updates. Allows navigation between updates similar to the patch history pages.


Parameter Example values Notes
name Gunpowder Skeletons Set a custom name. Default is pagename. Can be used to omit "(Content Update)" for cleaner infobox.
image example.png Specify an image to display or leave blank to use a .png matching the article's name.
duration March 30th - April 2nd, 2019 For displaying duration of a Content Update.
location Duke Use when the update has a significant starting-off point.
related Bilge Rat Adventures For any significant related pages. Other examples: Bilge Rat Adventures, Mercenary Voyages, Tall Tales.
prev Lost Treasures Set previous update.
next Ashen Winds Set next update.
{{infobox update
|name = The Sunken Curse
|image = The Sunken Curse.png
|patch = 1.1.6
|duration = July 10th – July 24th, 2018
|related = Bilge Rat Adventures
|location = Duke
|prev = Gunpowder Skeletons (Event)
|next = Cursed Sails