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“Anniversary Update”
Anniversary Update.png
Release Date January 30th, 2019
External Link
Version History
←  1.4.5 2.0.1  →
Template-info.png Documentation
For use on patch note pages. (example 2.0) Allows navigation between patches.


Parameter Example values Notes
title 2.0 Set custom title. Default is pagename.
image example.png Set image.
size 256px Set custom image size. Default is 250px.
patchname Anniversary Update Set patch name.
release March 30, 2019 Set release date. Default is TBA.
prev 1.4.5 Set previous version.
next 2.0.1 Set next version.
link (Optional.) Set custom link to Official Release Notes. Default links are automatically set from the page's name.
hidepatchlink yes (Optional.) Hides the "External Link" from infobox.
{{Infobox version
|release=January 30th, 2019
|patchname=Anniversary Update
|image=Anniversary Update.png}}