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An easy way to format a Seasons Reward table with images and links to the appropriate items.


Placing the code within a table cell will display an image, and text. Additional notes and formatting can be added with the note tag.

By default, images will render at 100px. A size of 75px is recommended in Levels with more than one reward.

{{seasonreward|item name|note=|size=}}
Parameter Example values Notes
Item name must be placed first followed by the parameters listed below.
note Title Prices, Titles, etc.
Titles must be noted with Title.
size 75 Optional dimensions for image size in pixels.
Default is 100


Place the seasonreward template into a table cell.

At the moment, the table or cell must be styled with center aligned text style="text-align:center;"

{| class="wikitable" align="center" style="text-align:center;" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="10"
! colspan="5" | Distinction Level 3
! Level 21
! Level 22
! Level 23
! Level 24
! Level 25
| {{seasonreward|Rogue of the Shroud|note=Title}}
| {{seasonreward|Gold Pouch|note=({{g|1000}}) }}
| {{seasonreward|Frostbite Braided Hair}}
| {{seasonreward|Gold Pile|note=({{g|2500}}) }}
| {{seasonreward|Ancient Coin Cache|note=({{a|25}})|size=75}}
 {{seasonreward|Pirate Legend Bound Beard|note=(Pirate Legend exclusive)|size=75}}
Distinction Level 3
Level 21 Level 22 Level 23 Level 24 Level 25
Rogue of the Shroud
Rogue of the Shroud Title
Gold Pouch.png
Gold Pouch
(1,000 Gold.png)
Frostbite Braided Hair.png
Frostbite Braided Hair
Gold Pile.png
Gold Pile
(2,500 Gold.png)
Ancient Coin Cache.png
Ancient Coin Cache
(25 AncientCoin.png) Pirate Legend Bound Beard
(Pirate Legend exclusive)