Tess is the tavern owner and bartender at Tess's Tavern in the Galleon's Grave Outpost. She doesn't sell any items (or grog) but players can refill their Tankard and drink up. She doesn't even seem to mind if you vomit all over the floor.


I'm not much of a grog expert. Any advice?
Why not start with one of my own brews i make here at the outpost? I think you'd like Tess' Dawn Amber. It's a fruity little number I often start the day with. Not too strong, with a nice frothy head and a subtle taste of bananas.
What's been going on in Galleon's Grave lately?
I had a new grog in yesterday that I'd been waiting to try, called the Deep Sea Tentacle Tickler. It's a bold infusion of seaweed and real Kraken vomit. You get a lovely salty smell on the nose, followed by a staggering taste of semi-digested shark. It's not for everyone, but I'l recommend you give it a try.
Who have you seen in here recently?
A few nights ago Howlin' Mad Hofman strode in and ordered an Old Faithful's Best. Now there's a grog for the connoisseur! It's made with three different types of rock dust from the island, mixed with generous handfuls of thorns and brambles. You get lost in it's complex aromas and bewildered by the depth of its taste. A drink to savour, but one you are glad to finish.
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