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The Ashen Dragon
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"The Ashen Dragon was never my prison. It was my funeral pyre, crewed by those who were loyal to my cause.

Ashen Lords who still long for the thrill of battle, and shall soon be reawakened."

— Captain Flameheart, explaining about the Ashen Dragon

Ashen Dragon is the name of one of Captain Flameheart's ships, lead by his own Galleon, the Burning Blade. The fleet of the Ashen Dragon was helmed by the Ashen Lords loyal to Flameheart.


The Ashen Dragon Fleet was Captain Flameheart's armada, helmed by his loyal Ashen Lords. Ashen Dragon ships bear the insignia of a red Ouroboros-style circular Dragon eating its own tail.

In The Seabound Soul Tall Tale, a spectral Ashen Dragon Ship is followed to Flameheart's final resting place and sarcophagus on Flintlock Peninsula. The Ship served as Flameheart's funeral pyre, helmed by Captain Adara and the Commander, who turns out to be the Ashen Lord Old Horatio. It was said that the Ashen Dragon lies in hiding within The Devil's Shroud until a time its crew is once again summoned to action, which comes to pass with the completion of the tale, as Captain Flameheart is resurrected.

The ghostly apparition of the Ashen Dragon Ships can be encountered during the Ghost Fleet World Event lead by Flameheart himself. Flameheart has managed to summon his Ashen Fleet, including the Ashen Dragon and his own ship, the Burning Blade, back from the Sea of the Damned. The Ships attempt to fight any approaching Crews, having more health than the grunt ships that they lead.


Players can unlock many of the cosmetics from the Ashen Dragon Set for themselves by finding and selling Ashen Tomes. The Sails of the Ashen Dragon are unlocked through The Seabound Soul by completing the Fire and Ash commendation, and by progressing through the Heart of Fire, the Hull of the Ashen Dragon is unlocked by completing the Heart of Fire Commendation, and The Ashen Curse is unlocked by completing The Blackwyche Reborn Commendation.