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The Burning Blade
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The Burning Blade is the flagship of Captain Flameheart's fleet, helmed by Flameheart himself. It is encountered during the final wave of a Ghost Fleet encounters.


The first mention of The Burning Blade was during The Shroudbreaker. According to the Pirate Lord's account, his quest for the Shroudbreaker Artefact came to an end because of an encounter with the Burning Blade, which caught up to and sank the Pirate Lord's Ship, The Magpie’s Wing.

The ghostly memory of the Burning Blade itself could be seen at the end of Heart of Fire inside Flameheart's Lair. The Galleon was put to use during the Ghost Fleet World Event, where Flameheart himself commands an entire fleet of Ghost Ships, including the Ashen Dragon and his very own Burning Blade that have to be defeated by Player Pirates.

The Figurehead of the Burning Blade has been kept intact inside an altar for Flameheart in Wanda’s Hideout on Wanderers Refuge. Wanda also had managed to also acquire one of the Burning Blade's Cannons, which she used to develop Cursed Cannonballs.

The physical Burning Blade has yet to be seen in game.

Burning Blade Cosmetics[]

Any players who defeat 10 Ghost Fleet encounters can unlock the Burning Blade Sails for purchase from the Shipwright Shop.