"Beyond the edge you may stray, a fateful end if you stay..." - Loading Quote

Red Sea Map

The Devils Shroud is an area outside the border of the map in Sea of Thieves. Here the environment starts to become very dark and ominous and the water turns blood red.


The Devils Shroud, also known as The Red Sea, acts as the kill zone, where passing the border of the world map turns the water blood red. The sky clouds over and becomes very dark. Eerie music begins to play as your ship begins to break apart and sink. There's nothing of interest in these regions and when your ship sinks, one of the Merfolk will come to return you back to your ship in safer waters.


  • The Devils Shroud is what the first Pirate Legend, The Pirate Lord crossed to enter the world of Sea of Thieves.
  • The Devils Shroud is known to have once covered The Ancient Isles but for some reason cleared up leaving The Ancient Isles hospitable to life.
    • This is possibly a after-effect of the Forsaken Shores Alliance using the magic totem onboard their ship, the Shroudbreaker.
  • If players venture too far into The Devils Shroud without their ship sinking then they will automatically be teleport-ed to a new one.
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