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The Glorious Sea Dog
Sea Dogs Tavern 01.png
Company Sea Dogs icon.png Sea Dogs
Coordinates K-11

The Glorious Sea Dog is the headquarters of the Sea Dogs, and the interior lobby for The Arena.


The tavern is a grand venue built atop the Arches rock formation, it includes all the shops that can be found at an outpost, both inside and outside. The exterior can be accessed via Adventure mode, and the interior accessed through Arena mode. This is also where the Sea Dogs Challenge Parkour Course is located, for any pirates willing to take on the challenge!


Jumping Puzzle

With the 2.0.7 Update, a Jumping Puzzle Challenge was added to the exterior of the Tavern for those who want to test and compare their jumping and climbing skills with their peers.


  • The tavern's mascot is DeMarco's dog, Leopoldo, who disappeared while on adventure. The exact location of his disappearance is unknown but presumed to be Sailor's Bounty.