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The Hunter's Call
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Type Trading Company
Location Sea Posts
The Sea Calls to All
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The Hunter's Call is a Trading Company that offers rewards in exchange for Fish, Treacherous Plunder and cooked Meat. They will also accept Mermaid Gems as well as empty Collector's Chests.


After The Hungering Deep, Merrick found new purpose with his wife Serik, and together they formed a company dedicated to fishing and hunting. The company is operated by 8 members of Merrick's family; they are self-sufficient, preferring the independence of seaposts over the civilized outposts.



The Hunter's Call does not offer voyages. Instead, reputation is mainly acquired by selling either Fish, Treacherous Plunder, Meat, Mermaid Gems or Breath of the Sea.

Meat and fish can be cooked on a Stove for increased gold and reputation. The rarest types of fish can fetch a price ten times that of regular varieties, and the larger Trophy versions of each fish, which are harder to catch and take longer to cook, will also fetch better reward prices and reputation.

Fish and Meat of all types, rarities, and cooking stages can be found in the barrels found in Shipwrecks and Barrels of Plenty, making them a valuable resource for Hunter's Call reputation and commendations.

In addition to the above, a very lucrative type of meat, known as monster meat, can be obtained by killing Megalodons and Krakens. This meat can also be cooked and sold to the Hunter's Call for gold and reputation in addition to having its own set of commendations.


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The Hunter's Call Promotions are available when the player has reached a minimum The Hunter's Call level, which is unlocked by paying a certain amount of Gold.

Levels are progressed through by gaining reputation through selling Fish, Meat, or Treacherous Plunder. Unlike the other Companies, The Hunter's Call does not offer upgrades for two specific items on promotions, but instead offers different items from The Killer Whale Set, which includes both equipment and ship pieces and is fashioned after Merrick's old ship, now shipwrecked near The Reaper's Hideout.

Rank Promotion Name Cost Item Unlocked Cost Description
5 Fledgling Hunter 100 Gold The Killer Whale Fishing Rod 700 Gold As a Fledgling Hunter, you’ve proven that you can just about fend for yourself and maybe even tie your own bootlaces.
10 Acclimatized Hunter 200 Gold The Killer Whale Tankard 700 Gold As an Acclimatized Hunter, you know how to fish, hunt and cook, putting your days of banana dependency behind you.
15 Tempered Hunter 300 Gold The Killer Whale Lantern 1,400 Gold As a Tempered Hunter, you’ve impressed us. Now’s the time to start seeking out bigger prey, befitting your skills.
20 Weathered Hunter 400 Gold The Killer Whale Flag 1,400 Gold As a Weathered Hunter, you clearly know your Wreckers from your Islehoppers – and which one tastes best with mango.
25 Seasoned Hunter 500 Gold The Killer Whale Hull 2,100 Gold As a Seasoned Hunter, you’ve proven that you can kill and cook most of the creatures of the Sea of Thieves, sometimes without getting sick.
30 Rugged Hunter 600 Gold The Killer Whale Sails 2,100 Gold As a Rugged Hunter, you are one of our best cooks. Don’t be surprised if Merrick calls around for supper.
35 Toughened Hunter 700 Gold The Killer Whale Capstan 2,800 Gold As a Toughened Hunter, other members of The Hunter’s Call will look up to you and learn from your perfect fishing technique.
40 Hardened Hunter 800 Gold The Killer Whale Wheel 2,800 Gold As a Hardened Hunter, even a Kraken is fair game for your hunts – and for your dinner table.
45 Barnacled Hunter 900 Gold The Killer Whale Cannon 3,500 Gold As a Barnacled Hunter, you’ve made The Hunter’s Call proud with exquisite dishes fit for the Pirate Lord himself!
50 Master Hunter 1,000 Gold The Killer Whale Figurehead 3,500 Gold As a Master Hunter, you’re among the best that the Sea of Thieves has ever seen! When your stomach rumbles, nature trembles.