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The Servant of the Flame
The Servant of the Flame.png
Type NPC
Location The Reaper's Hideout
Company Reaper's Bones icon.png Reaper's Bones
Voice Actor Jon Vincent [1]

The Servant of the Flame is the NPC representing the Reaper's Bones Trading Company, introduced with Ships of Fortune. He replaced the Masked Stranger, who previously tended to The Reaper’s Hideout during its construction.


The Servant of the Flame's identity, history, and employer were previously a mystery. Given the connection the Masked Stranger's involvement with The Reaper's Hideout, it was assumed that the "Flame" he serves is Captain Flameheart, whose stance on piracy bears semblance to the sentiment behind the Reaper's Bones company.

However, it has now been confirmed that the Servant of the Flame is Captain Flameheart Junior .


The Servant of the Flame spoke during the lore teasers shown in Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving 2021 Twitch Stream which cut away to an image of the main area inside the Reaper's Hideout. Below are transcripts of these teasers. Care has been taken to be as accurate as possible.

A King of Fire

(In the first vision, keys or chains can be heard rattling before a heavy door slides open. The Servant of the Flame is then heard speaking of destroying the Dark Brethren and taking over Golden Sands Outpost.)

The flame burns brighter now, here in the dark.
There shall be no glory for the Dark Brethren.
Your fierce fire will shatter their bones.
No lords of the sea but a king of fire.
Once bound at sea, but now true freedom calls you back moving like a deathly veil across the waves.
The sands of gold will be shrouded and all be chained eternally as seabound souls.
Her sister will be bound to your will.
She of the deep cannot stop it now.
May our flame burn eternally, Father.

Memories Can be Powerful

(In the second vision, there are faint sounds of soldiers shouting; a door can be heard opening again, or perhaps breaking. The Servant speaks of memories and encouraging souls to join the Reapers' cause and to bring forts made of stone.)

Memories can be harnessed and focused, bent to your will.
Memories can be powerful allies and accursed weapons.

(louder, though still somewhat indistinct shouting can be heard)

Your king is dead in the world beyond, long live the king.
He shall give you freedom unchained and life everlasting, endless riches vast.
Bring your forts of stone and bow to the blade of fire.

The Relic of the Ancients

(In the third vision, a door can be heard opening or breaking. Then the sound of paper can be heard rustling as the Servant speaks of finding the Relic of the Ancients to turn the tides in their favour, opening the Reaper's Chests and having the Soulflames weaken the border between worlds.

Found at last!
The Relic of the Ancients, passing between worlds in a belly of gold.
The hunter is broken and his ship is no more - it is ours, Father.
Finally, we will break the seals and the Reaper’s Chests will open.
The soul flames will burn once more and weaken the veil between.
Tides will turn once the relic is ours.
Memories, into bones. Will into iron. Souls into life.
You will arise into a new pirate life as our king for a new dawn.

Pirates for all Eternity!

(In the final vision, liquid can be heard being poured and then drank before the Servant spoke of offering a curse as a gift that would unite all under true piracy while serving Captain Flameheart.)

Pirates for all eternity!
The curse is a gift. They will descend to claim it, then arise to a sea of bones.
Your gift will unite all thieves to true piracy.
They will drink, they will die, and they will live again to serve the fire.

Shrouded Islands[]

During the Shrouded Islands Adventure, once the players received the Flame of Souls from Belle and travelled to Shipwreck Bay, they would see memories of the Servant and Reapers on the island as they lit the braziers. The Servant could be seen directing Boxes of Wondrous Secrets to the island and opening them, revealing their contents to be captains. He is also seen demanding a Rune Tablet to be buried so as to hide his master's plans. In one memory, He could be seen sending off a Reaper's Heart Parrot, which could be seen around the shrouded islands.

Servant of the Flame Memories

Lighting west cliff brazier

Break the seals and let our Captains taste freedom.

(The Servant of the Flame holds a chalice as three Reapers surround three Boxes of Wondrous Secrets)

Lighting south beach brazier

Ahh, with the prisoners in their rightful places, we can begin the next phase of the plan.

(The Servant of the Flame watches as three Reaper Phantoms load two Boxes of Wondrous Secrets into a Rowboat)

Light east brazier by the back of the Blackwyche

I pledge my allegiance to you, Captain Flameheart. My sword is yours and always has been, father.

(The Servant of the Flame kneels down as they hold a sword above their head)

Lighting north east brazier

Go, be my eyes.

(The Servant of the Flame sends off a Reaper's Heart Parrot to spy on pirates)

Lighting brazier south of inlet

(A lone Reaper carries a Box of Wondrous Secrets)

Lighting brazier west of inlet

Bury it deep. Our master's plans must not be uncovered.

(The Servant of Flame hands a Rune Tablet to a Reaper to bury)

Lighting north west beach brazier

The time has come to release them from their bondage.

(The Servant of Flame watches three Reapers carrying three Boxes of Wondrous Secrets)

Fort of the Forgotten[]

The Servant makes an appearance at Imperial Crown Fortress during the cinematic trailer. He is seen approaching Wonda's cell and telling the Spanish Phantoms to bring her as she stared at him in horror.


The following Services can be accessed from The Servant of the Flame:


On The Reaper's Hideout

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome, pirate. Members of this sanctum embrace the true calling of piracy, without judgement. As free as the sea, as fierce as the flame!

Who are the Reaper's Bones?

We are a noble company of pirates who wish to embrace and encourage the real freedom that the Sea of Thieves has given us.
There is no so-called 'Pirate Code' here. We reward self-reliance, strength and the will to follow your passion.
If you do not fear the call of battle, freedom and glory, then there is a place for you among us.

What's in it for me?

We have rewards for those who keep to our tenets and prove their worth.
You'll earn gold, of course, as well as armaments and decorations for your ship.
We stand for glory! Every time your inner fire brings you out on top, you should show the world.

What is an Emissary?

Emissaries are those pirates who wish to fully represent us on the seas.
When you become an Emissary, you will be acting in our name. Be fearless and proud!
You'll earn greater rewards for your prizes whilst you're an Emissary. You may wear our garments, too, so our reputation spreads.
Seek out the Emissaries of other Companies and take their flags as trophies! Show them the folly of their ways.

The Servant of the Flame

Initiating Conversation

• A great flame burns within you.
• Eternity is a door we walk through.
• Rejoice, for there is no greater glory, than a pirate's life.

Ending Conversation

• Answer our call, reject the Code.
• Dream deep of the pirate's life.
• The flame burns for true glory.


  • The filename to an official promotional image of The Servant is "Sarwan.jpg", which may hint toward his identity. The name may be of Indian origin, generally meaning "God", or alternately meaning "Explorer".
  • The Servant has a unique Cutlass.
  • It has been a long time theory that the Servant is Captain Flameheart's adoptive son, affectionately referred to by the community as Captain Flameheart Junior, or just Junior. The lore teasers during the Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving 2021 Twitch Stream suggested that this might have been the case; one of the memories witnessed on Shipwreck Bay shows the Servant directly speaking to Captain Flameheart and referring to him as "father". This was proof of their relationship and confirming the identity.
    • This is further proven in-game in the Legend of the Veil Voyage, where Captain Flameheart is referred to as "Father" in notes stolen from the Servant of the Flame.



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