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The Servant of the Flame
The Servant of the Flame.png
Type NPC
Location The Reaper's Hideout
Company Reaper's Bones icon.png Reaper's Bones

The Servant of the Flame is the NPC representing the Reaper's Bones Trading Company, introduced with Ships of Fortune. They replaced the Masked Stranger, who previously tended to The Reaper’s Hideout during its construction.


The Servant of the Flame's identity, history, and employer are all a mystery. However, given the connection the Masked Stranger's involvement with The Reaper's Hideout, it can be assumed that the "Flame" they serve is Captain Flameheart, whose stance on piracy bears semblance to the sentiment behind the Reaper's Bones company. Additionally, the company's insignia features a Goblet, which may allude to the Goblet that cursed Captain Flameheart Junior (Captain Flameheart's son) into a Skeleton Lord. Other clues include the Legendary Reaper Figurehead that displays a figure with a skeletal face and a red eye, whose clothing closely resembles that worn by The Servant of the Flame.


The following Services can be accessed from The Servant of the Flame:


Dialogue icon.png

Welcome, pirate. Members of this sanctum embrace the true calling of piracy, without judgement. As free as the sea, as fierce as the flame!

Who are the Reaper's Bones?

We are a noble company of pirates who wish to embrace and encourage the real freedom that the Sea of Thieves has given us.
There is no so-called 'Pirate Code' here. We reward self-reliance, strength and the will to follow your passion.
If you do not fear the call of battle, freedom and glory, then there is a place for you among us.

What's in it for me?

We have rewards for those who keep to our tenets and prove their worth.
You'll earn gold, of course, as well as armaments and decorations for your ship.
We stand for glory! Every time your inner fire brings you out on top, you should show the world.

What is an Emissary?

Emissaries are those pirates who wish to fully represent us on the seas.
When you become an Emissary, you will be acting in our name. Be fearless and proud!
You'll earn greater rewards for your prizes wilst you're an Emissary. You may wear our garments, too, so our reputation spreads.
Seek out the Emissaries of other Companies and take their flags as trophies! Show them the folly of their ways.


  • The filename to an official promotional image of The Servant is "Sarwan.jpg", which may hint toward their identity. The name may be of Indian origin, generally meaning "God", or alternately meaning "Explorer".
  • The Servant has a unique Cutlass.