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The Sunken Pearl
Ach The Sunken Pearl.png
Type Tall Tale
Issuer The Castaway
Story arc A Pirate's Life
Part 2/5
Reward 8,000 Gold.png
Tale chronology
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A Pirate's Life (Quest) Captains of the Damned

All seems lost, but a single glint of hope still shines in the darkness of the ocean deep...

The Sunken Pearl is the second Tall Tale in the A Pirate's Life Arc. The Tale Book can be voted for at the Castaway's Camp on any Outpost. The Tall Tale can be cancelled by voting at the Ship's Voyage Table.

The details on the location of the Tale Book, related Commendations and unlockable Cosmetics are all presented in the Tall Tales Reputation Menu.

The reward for completing The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale is 8,000 Gold.png.

This Tall Tale must be completed in order to access the third Tall Tale, Captains of the Damned.



The Castaway

Again we meet – and now you understand the truth better, yes?
Because of the Treasure he stole, Jack Sparrow lost him freedom, and now that same fate come for us all.
The Ferryman, him knew all about the threat we face – not from his prisoner, no
but from the darkness that followed that prisoner from beyond the horizon
The Flying Dutchman and its forsaken captain – Davy Jones.
Ah… You've heard him name before, I think. Maybe in a bedtime story…
But the danger him bring to the Sea of Thieves is more than just a tale, now that Jack's Treasure is in Jones' possession.
If Davy Jones is not stopped, this world will sink into shadow.
Jack is the only one who held the key to reach Davy Jones and take back that Treasure –
but now poor Jack is beyond our sight, set adrift in the Sea of the Damned.
Still, we may not be so lost as that.
For Jack's destiny is a tangled web, tied with the fate of him one true love…

(The Castaway then eats a bundle of earthworms extracted from a conch shell and spits out what is left of the worms into a jar and into the palm pf her hand, a black pearl, which she then tosses into the campfire.)

…The Black Pearl.
A precious gem sunk to the bottom of the sea...
In her, there's hope. Maybe even a way to reach those who are lost.
This journey is a treacherous one. The seas have many secrets, long since forgotten.
What you think you know of its past is only a glimpse through the door that Davy Jones opened.
But now I fear we have no choice.
Take these papers and study them.
Then dive into the deep and find the heart of the sunken Pearl before the dark water swallows her… forever!


The Tale contains 5 Journals of the Silver Blade's Captain, written by Dimitri of the Silver Blade.

A Run of Good Luck[]

Found after the first airlock inside the room with a Siren Statue puzzle. It is among the debris against the coral covered door to the north.

Dialogue icon.png

When I was young, I learned not to believe in fate and fortune. The roll of the dice is decided not by unseen forces, but by the bumps and knots of the tabletop.
But since the day we four made it to the Sea of Thieves and found this ship, the Silver Blade, just waiting for us to claim her… I’ve not been so sure.
She must have been recently salvaged by the merfolk, I suppose, like so many other lost ships. Not that we knew that when we chose to board her.
The ship was completely deserted, though we learned a little of her first crew from notes left among their belongings – who knew Flameheart ever had a son?
We took the vessel for ourselves, of course, on that first lucky day. And today, if the map in my hand is worth the gold I paid, will be our luckiest day yet…


An Ancient Mystery[]

The Journal is accessible after solving all three Siren Statue puzzles, with the water raised to the final level, before leaving the room. It can be found on a ledge with red coral near a large head and a Siren Statue, in the east corner before leaving this area.

Dialogue icon.png

An Ancient Mystery, by Dimitri of the Silver Blade
When most people talk about the Ancients that used to live around here, they always act like they were so… high and mighty. Wise, mysterious, all of that.
I dunno. Sometimes I think they could be properly nasty, just like everyone else. Especially when it came to protecting their really special treasures…
Well, their vault was no match for us, not even with all its tricks and traps. We looted the lot, and believe me, this isn’t your usual pile of treasure!
There was a huge pile of bones atop the hoard, for one thing. Who knows, maybe Madame Olivia and her Weird Sisters will pay us for them.
I’m more interested in that great big chest locked up in my cabin. It’s got a face, which weeps constantly, but so long as it’s valuable I’ll live with wet feet.


Unwanted Company[]

Found after opening the Citadel door, in a large room with two chunks of shipwreck on the ground. The Journal is among the pieces to the left, near some flat coral.

Dialogue icon.png

Unwanted Company, by Dimitri of the Silver Blade
In all the years I’ve kept a journal, I’ve never seen a Skeleton Ship be that persistent! They rose from the deep almost as soon as we left the vault behind.
I’ve heard rumors of skellies going after treasures before. Something tells me they were hunting for that vault too, and we only just beat them to it.
Well tough luck, bone-brains, it’s finders keepers out here on the seas. We lured them past one of their own Forts and left a few Gunpowder Barrels bobbing…
That gave us a chance to get away, but since then we’ve spotted two more Skeleton Ships, both of which made a beeline for us! Can’t be a coincidence.
Whatever we’ve got on board, the skellies clearly think it’s valuable. Time to head out into open waters and work out what to do next…


From Bad to Worse[]

Found soon after the "Unwanted Company" Journal in a room with a Siren Statue puzzle. After entering through the airlock, swim right to the Gem Siren Statue to find a hole in the ground that leads to an area with a shipwreck. The Journal is found atop the shipwreck.

Dialogue icon.png

From Bad to Worse, by Dimitri of the Silver Blade
We sailed far away from any islands and lost sight of any Skeleton Ships, which meant we had no way to offload any of these treasures to the Companies.
I’d never seen skeletons chase us so doggedly and was starting to wonder if they might even be brave enough to attack an Outpost and steal our ill-gotten prizes.
That was when I heard the crying coming from my cabin. The chest I’d stashed away in there had slipped my mind, but it clearly didn’t want to be forgotten.
Great rivulets of tears were still streaming from that face carved on the lid of the chest. The cursed thing had flooded half the ship while we were distracted!
The crew are taking it in turns to bail, but it’s the noise that gets me. You’ve never heard anything so mournful, so… hopeless. I swear it keeps getting louder…


Don’t Look for Us[]

Found in a large chamber with pulleys and large chunks of shipwrecks. The Journal is found in the remains of the back end of a ship, insider the Captain's Quarters.

Dialogue icon.png

Don’t Look for Us, by Dimitri of the Silver Blade
If anyone finds this, stop reading now and RUN. Read the rest later on very, very dry land. Just GO!
I can’t believe we thought they were merfolk… They surrounded the ship, scratching and clawing. Started to sing, just like the chest. A Deadly harmony…
They’re dragging us down. I’m locked in my cabin but those weapon… things… will break through soon. They have the Silver Blade now. They have us.
I hope you never find the Silver Blade. If you do, it means it’s already too late. A dark legend has found you.
You belong to the Sirens.


Commendations and Rewards[]

The Sunken Pearl Commendations
Name Requirement Reward
Heart's Desire Recover the special object you were sent to find.
For the Crew Triumph when adversity strikes without warning.
Revenge of the Silver Blade Avenge a fallen pirate crew.
Deadly Chorus Confront a dangerous enemy beneath the waves
Crew of Freedom Release those who dream of freedom.
The Sunken Pearl Complete 'The Sunken Pearl'.
Chest of Sorrow Find the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow.
Tale of Eternal Sorrow Learn the truth of a sorrowful encounter.
Pieces of Silver Discover the Journals of the Silver Blade's Captain.
Pearl in the Dark Complete all Commendations for 'The Sunken Pearl'.
Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass Earn 'The Sunken Pearl' Commendation. Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass
Revenge of the Silver Blade Capstan Earn the 'Pearl in the Dark' Commendation. Revenge of the Silver Blade Capstan

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