The Trapmaker is a character in Sea Of Thieves, from the Tall Tale; The Art Of A Trickster. The Trapmaker is a character who is the greatest and most famous trapmaker in the Sea Of Thieves. She is not able to be found in game, however, we have her lair, and 5 of her journals, along with her clues to find a piece of the Shroudbreaker. She was betrayed by Salty, a parrot found on plunder outpost, to Captain Briggsy, a skeleton lord. She was forced to protect a part of the shroudbreaker, and devised many traps to stop people finding it. However, in her final journal "A worthy opponent", she explains that she has devised some clues for people to find the piece, and her lair. She does this by making you be able to find the key, her lair, and the fragment

She has made many traps that can be found in the Sea Of Thieves.

  1. The gunpowder trap. After you have dug up the Trapmakers key (which is a keg), a series of explosions will rock the island, and you have to escape before the keg and you, get blown up.
  2. Sword/Slicing/Pendulum traps. All found on Sailors Bounty, and you have to pass them to get into the first part of the lair.
  3. Spike traps. These can be found on sailors bounty on the way to the Trapmaker's main lair (After the traps mentioned in trap 2).
  4. Skeleton trap. After you have placed the Trapmaker's key in the hideout in Sailors Bounty, waves of skeletons will spawn, and eventually a captain, to stop you retrieving a key to the shroudbreaker fragment whereabouts.

All her journals can be found here:

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