The Wilds Map

The Wilds is an area that occupies the North Eastern region of the world of Sea of Thieves

 The Wilds' rough and dark green seas contribute to it's dark and miserable atmosphere. The islands' names play to the overal nature of the region. 


The Wilds is located at the top right side or North-Eastern region of the World map, This location consists of 2 Outposts, 3 Fortresses and 16 Islands

List of Locations

Name Coordinates Region
Dagger Tooth Outpost Q-8 The Wilds
Galleon's Grave Outpost X-9 The Wilds
Kraken Watchtower O-6 The Wilds
Shark Fin Camp U-5 The Wilds
Skull Keep U-11 The Wilds
Shipwreck Bay Q-12 The Wilds
The Crooked Masts T-13 The Wilds
Shiver Retreat V-13 The Wilds
Kraken's Fall U-11 The Wilds
Shark Tooth Key U-15 The Wilds
Liar's Backbone Y-13 The Wilds
Tri-Rock Isle W-11 The Wilds
Isle of Last Words S-10 The Wilds
The Sunken Grove T-8 The Wilds
Plunderer's Plight W-6 The Wilds
Blind Man's Lagoon S-6 The Wilds
Black Water Enclave X-6 The Wilds
Marauder's Arch V-3 The Wilds
Black Sand Atoll T-3 The Wilds
Old Faithful Isle Q-4 The Wilds
Scurvy Isley N-4 The Wilds
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