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Thieves' Haven
Thieves' Haven.png
Type Large Island
Region The Ancient Isles icon.png The Ancient Isles
Coordinates L-20 / M-20
Animals Chicken icon.png Chickens
Pig icon.png Pigs

Thieves' Haven is a Large Island located within the region of The Ancient Isles at coordinates L-20 / M-20.

The island has three inlets that allow ships to pass through. At the center lies a derelict ship, abandoned on the interior beach. Directly above the ship rests a winch-hung platform hanging off the upper-level's ledge.


  • Chickens
  • Pigs
  • A Rune Tablet, found behind a rock near three graves located atop the west upper level.
  • A Skeleton Throne (small), found on a sea rock beside the eastern cliff.
  • 1 Ammo Chest
  • 1 Campfire, located in the camp on the secluded north-east beach.
  • 1 Cannon, high atop the southward facing cliff.
  • 2 working elevators.
  • 3 traps.


  • Wanda's Journals(Cursed Sails), "Book II", found in the camp on the secluded north-east beach.
  • Glitterbeard's "Easy Come, Easy Go", Book, found north of Wanda's Journal inside the half-ship.
  • These Tall Tales have journals on this island: (Tale must be active for Journals can only be found while Tale is active. See Tall Tales section below for locations.)

Tall Tales[]

The following Tall Tale objectives take place on this island:

The Shroudbreaker (Quest) icon.png The Shroudbreaker
  • Journal: "The Shroud Breaker", found in the hut on the inner north beach.
The Legendary Storyteller icon.png The Legendary Storyteller
Stars of a Thief icon.png Stars of a Thief
  • Possible location of the Star Jewel, found near the shipwreck on the interior beach.

Easter eggs[]


  • Thieves' Haven was the first island to be discovered by the Pirate Lord.

External links[]

See it on RareThief's Interactive Map


Patch history[]

  • 2.4.0
    • 2 working elevators added for ease of vertical movement.
    • Previous central lift is now found broken underwater.
    • 3 traps added around the island.