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Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog

Tilly is one of the tavernkeepers at The Glorious Sea Dog tavern.


Dialogue icon.png

Hi there. Have a rest from the Arena and a drink with Tilly. Then tell me everything you know!

I assume the pretending to be pleasant is just an act?

Yeah, but keep it quiet.
You look like the kind of business partner I need.
I find out things about famous pirates, embarrassing details of their deeds they don't want anyone to know.
Then when the time is right I exchange my silence for their gold.
I pay good coin for scandalous information, so keep your ears open.

You must have heard a lot of revealing things working here.

I've got a hefty ledger hidden away where no-one will find it.
There's a page for every pirate, let me tell you about a few.
Page 23, Mike the Mutinous only pretends to like grog.
Page 111, Grandee Preston once fed his crew to a Megalodon.
Page 347, Shelley Pressgang secretly works for the Merchants at night.
That ledger is going to make me an absolute fortune!

Is it true about how Lesedi lost her eye?

She tells us that a shark took it, but I've heard other versions of the tale.
Some say she was attacked by a flock of mad chickens.
Others claim she slipper over when drunk and fell onto her ship's wheel.
Me, I don't think she's lost an eye at all and just wears that patch to look more important.
I will find out the truth and when I do it will make me rich!