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GoldenSandsOutpost EquipmentShop Tom.png
Type NPC
Location Golden Sands Outpost

Tom the shopkeep at the Equipment Shop on Golden Sands Outpost. Tom is a showman, even claiming to have swam from Sanctuary Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Hello! Why not let old Tom here show you his verrrrry FINEST!

What's so special about your stock, Tom?

Well, well, well, get reaaaaady for INCREDIBLE craftsmanship!
Items of truuuuue WONDER!
Items of spectaaaaacular QUALITY!
All forrrrr YOU!

What unique trinkets do you have then?

Don't let your eyes deceive you! No, no!
Don't risk a poor imitation elsewhere!
Everything I sell is quality approved by yours truly!
Only at Tommmmm's TRINKET STORE!

What brings you to this Outpost?

My arms and hands! I swam all the way here from Sanctuary Outpost!
I'd even swim across the Wilds to bring you amaaaaazing DEALS!