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Torn Map Parchment
Torn Map Parchment.png
Type Quest
Source Wayfinder Voyage
Related Torn Map

Torn Map Parchments are Quest items in Sea of Thieves acquired during Wayfinder Voyages issued by the Gold Hoarders Trading Company.


Torn Map Parchments can only be found during Wayfinder Voyages. These Voyages give Players access to a Golden Wayfinder Compass, which points the way to a single Torn Map Parchment. The Map Parchments are always buried under the ground on Islands and need to be dug up with a Shovel. The Wayfinder Compass needle will always point towards one Map Parchment. The closer a player gets to the location of the burial spot, the faster and narrower the Compass needle sways. When the Player is right above the correct spot, the Compass needle will start spinning around in circles. The Player will need to dig twice with their Shovel to uncover a Torn Map Parchment bottle. When the Bottle is picked up, players will receive a single map piece of a Torn Map in their Quest Radial Menu. The Wayfinder will then point towards the next Map Parchment, until the Torn Map is pieced together and the Wayfinder is lost.

The Torn Map will reveal an X Marks the Spot Map with a single X denoting the burial location of a Treasure Vault Key. When dug up, the Voyage is counted as complete.