Tracy is the tavern owner and bartender of The George and Kraken Tavern in the Sanctuary Outpost. She doesn't sell any items (or grog) but players can refill their Tankard and drink up.


Hey there pirate. You can call me Tracy, just let me know whenever you want anything.

How long have you been at The George and Kraken, Tracy?
Since I was old enough to reach the tap on the grog barrel. Tavern keeping is a family tradition, my great great grandmother opened the very first one, called the Traveller's Rest'. It burnt down on the opening night after a flaming cutlass juggling contest. A great night, by all accounts.
It's a bit quiet here, when does it get busy?
Well, there's usually quite a few in when it's chicken swapping night. Or you could drop in for the weekly stolen goods auction? The quiz is popular, although everyone cheats of course. But liveliest of all is the Old Age Pirates lunch, they just love a good fight after a few grogs. Bless them.
Tell me a few tales of what you've seen in your tavern.
Let me see... There was that time when William One Arm thought it was a good idea to bring a shark in. Or when the Merchants came in with a shipment of these weird-looking smoking pipes. Though my favourite was when Three Sheets Neate forgot to drop anchor and crashed his ship through the wall. Wouldn't swap this job for anything!


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