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Trade Good Crates
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Type Treasure
Company Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance

Trade Good Crates are a type of Treasure that can be found all over Sea of Thieves. These Crates are presumably lost on the seas by Ships sailing under the mercantile Merchant Alliance Trading Company. As such, these Trade Good Crates are valuable to the Senior Traders stationed at the Docks of every Outpost who are willing to offer Gold and Reputation for returning them. These Crates are not acquired through Merchant Voyages or Quests and are simply found through adventuring and sailing the seas.


A Player can only carry one Crate at a time and cannot use any other items while carrying them. When dropped, Crates emit a white glint from far away, making them easier to spot. Crates will float to the top when dropped in Water, however they will start sinking to the bottom after some time has passed and disappear. Crates dropped on land or on shorelines will stay in-game for a long time. Untouched Crates will disappear when an Island respawns. Every Crate can be caught with a Ship's Harpoon.

Like any Treasure, the main use of Trade Good Crates is to sell them for Gold and Reputation.

Where to find[]

As Trade Good Crates are not tied to any specific Voyages or Crates, they do not have a single guaranteed source. Instead, Crates can be randomly found from the following sources:

Emissary Mechanics[]

Any Player Crews sailing as Merchant Alliance Emissaries can receive Emissary Grade Reputation for picking up and putting Trade Good Crates on their Ship for the first time. This benefit is also applicable for Reaper's Bones Emissaries who gain Emissary Reputation for any Treasure that they steal. Selling Trade Good Crates to the two companies as Emissaries does not give Emissary Grade Reputation, however Players do receive Emissary Value, which is counted for the respective Company Emissary Ledger leaderboards. The higher the Crew's Emissary Grade, the more Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value they receive for selling Trade Good Crates.


Trade Good Crates can be cashed in to Merchant Alliance Senior Traders at any Outpost for Gold and Reputation with the Company. As stated before, Merchant Alliance Emissaries will also receive Emissary Value with the Merchants for selling the Crates while flying an Emissary Flag. Being an Emissary also increases the Gold and Reputation gains for selling Crates. Alternatively, Crews can choose to sell any acquired Crates to the Reaper's Bones Representative at The Reaper's Hideout instead for equal Gold and Emissary Value gains, but less Reputation gains with the Reapers.

The following is a table of the multiplicative Rewards for selling Trade Good Crates as Graded Emissaries.

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

Most Trade Good Crates don't have any Commendations tied to them and therefore selling Crates does not serve any purpose aside from gaining Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value with Companies.

When sold, the whole Crew is rewarded with equal amounts of Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value, while Alliance Members will earn half of the Gold and Reputation Gains, but no Emissary Value.

Most Trade Good Crates have a variable value with the minimum and maximum reported Gold rewards documented in the tables below.

Types of Trade Good Crates[]

There are various types of Trade Good Crates with varying Gold, Reputation and Emissary Values:

Crate Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Crate of Fine Sugar 100-200 Gold 540 This Crate has a white cover with a sugar bowl on it.
Crate of Rare Tea 260-470 Gold 1080 This Crate has a green cover with tea leaves on it.
Crate of Exotic Silks 500-1,000 Gold 2160 This Crate has a red cover with folded cloth on it.
Crate of Exquisite Spices 1,100-1,900 Gold 4320 This Crate has a dark cover with peppers on it.
Skeleton Crates
Crate of Ancient Bone Dust 2,100-5,400 Gold 12960 This bone-covered dark Crate is found inside Skeleton Fort Vaults.
Ghostly Crates
Ashes of the Damned 1,150-1,400 Gold 3840 This ghostly Crate can be found carried by Ghost Captain Ships in Ghost Fleet World Events.

Devil's Roar Crates[]

These Trade Good Crates are more commonly found all around The Devil's Roar Region:

Crate Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Crate of Volcanic Stone 260-470 Gold 1080 This Crate has a singed white cover with a Volcano on it.
Crate of Fine Ore 500-1,000 Gold 2160 The Crate has a singed brown cover with a Pickaxe on it.
Crate of Extraordinary Minerals 1,100-1,900 Gold 4320 This Crate has a singed turquoise cover with Minerals on it.
Crate of Precious Gemstones 2,100-3,600 Gold 8640 This Crate has a singed red cover with Precious gems and metals on it.


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