Trap Skeletons spawn in waves as part of certain sections of Tall Tales. Like Coral Skeletons they only appear in Tall Tale voyages. They can be found at the end of The Art of the Trickster quest, emergently in Tribute Peak when The Shores of Gold quest is active and can be spawned in by The Gold Horader. They are like the Coral Skeletons, in that they are only re-skins of emergent/bounty skeletons and offer no difference gameplay wise. Like all other variants of skeleton, they can spawn with bare hands, a Cutlass, a pistol, or a blunderbuss, and they can eat Bananas to recover their health. There is no reward to killing Trap Skeletons.

Tips and Tricks

  • Like all Skeletons, Trap Skeletons are unable to swim. If you are outnumbered, you can easily escape them by moving to deeper water. This will not stop ranged Trap Skeletons from shooting at you.
  • As they have no vulnerabilities or immunities and there is no reward for killing them, they commonly spawn near traps and can be killed by them or skipped entirely by raising capstans to escape them
  • They have no vulnerabilities or immunities


  • The Skeletons were introduced as part of the Anniversary Update.
  • There is currently no common name given to these skeletons, and there's probably a more accurate name in the lore or game
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