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PlunderOutpost EquipmentShop Travis.png
Type NPC
Location Plunder Outpost

Travis is the shopkeep at the equipment shop on Plunder Outpost. Travis is a salesman by nature more than by profession, and is not shy about merchandise acquired by less-legitimate means. He also seems willing to gamble on unproven merchandise and put a spin on the sale, as evidenced by his 'left-handed shovels'.


Dialogue icon.png

Alright there? I'm Travis. If I haven't got it, either you don't need it or I can get it for you.

So how's business?

Couldn't be better, matey! You've got here just at the right time.
I've had a nice little delivery of goods that fell off the back of a ship in a storm.
Lucky you gets first pick!

What are your best deals?

What isn't?
I'm looking to shift some gear and make room for new stock.
How about one of these limited edition left-handed shovels I got from Colin in the Unicorn?
They dig twice as fast as those right-handed ones and I'm virtually giving them away!

I understand you're a man who knows how to get things?

Yeah, I've been known to locate certain things from time to time.
I'm actually getting hold of a few exclusive things soon.
There's an extendable pole to push ships off rocks and beaches.
A bell polishing brush with everlasting bristles.
Even a funnel you can drink your grog quicker with!
You'll be the first to know when I've got them.


  • Harry the Hoarder rumors that Travis is trying to start a cutlass customizing business and just needs some funding to get started.