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Treasure Chests
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Type Treasure
Company Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders
Disambig.png This article is about the Treasure Category. For the Container Chest that can store items, see Treasure Chest (container).

Treasure Chests are a type of treasure associated with the Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders.


A player can only carry one Treasure Chest at a time and cannot use items or sprint at the same time. When dropped, Treasure Chests will emit a white glint from far away, making them easier to spot. Treasure Chests will float to the top when dropped in Water, however they will start sinking to the bottom after 5 minutes have passed. Chests dropped on land or on the shoreline will stay in-game virtually forever. Untouched Treasure Chests will disappear when an island respawns. Chests that have been dropped in Deep Waters will disappear after sinking to the bottom. Every chest can be caught with a Ship's Harpoon.

Every basic Treasure Chest has an Ashen and a Shipwrecked version. Ashen Treasure Chests are the Devil's Roar variants of Treasure Chests with an emberlike glow. They are worth twice their original counterpart. Shipwrecked chests can be found either beached on islands or inside Shipwrecks and have the same value as regular chests, but count towards the Hoarder of Barnacled Gold Commendation. Aside from the regular Chests, there are also two valuable Skeleton Chests - The Skeleton Captain’s Chest and Stronghold Chest - received from various Encounters on the Seas and a single Ghostly Chest, the Chest of the Damned, received from Ghost Captain Ships in Ghost Fleets, as well as the treasury and store room in Sea Forts.

There are three Cursed Treasure Chests that have special effects. The Chest of a Thousand Grogs makes the player sway from drunkenness when carried, the Chest of Sorrow will periodically start weeping and flooding a Ship and the Chest of Rage will heat up and eventually explode if it is not doused with water.

Where to find[]

Treasure Chests are most commonly dug up from X Marks the Spot Maps, which can be received as singular Quests or as a part of Gold Hoarders Voyages. These Chests need to be dug up with a Shovel. Depending on the difficulty of the Quest, the Chests may need more Shovel Taps to be fully dug up. When a crew member finds a buried chest by hitting the ground in the correct spot, all other crew members are notified of the chest's type and who found it. Singular Chests can also be found lying around or beached on islands or as rewards for completing any encounters on the seas.

Emissary Mechanics[]

Any Player Crews sailing as Gold Hoarders Emissaries can receive Emissary Grade Reputation for picking up and putting Treasure Chests on their Ship for the first time. This benefit is also applicable for Reaper's Bones Emissaries who gain Emissary Reputation for any Treasure items that they steal. Selling Treasure Chests to the two companies as Emissaries does not give Emissary Grade Reputation, however Players do receive Emissary Value, which is counted for the respective Company Emissary Ledger leaderboards. The higher the Crew's Emissary Grade, the more Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value they receive for selling Treasure Chests.


Treasure Chests can be cashed in to Gold Hoarders Representatives at any Outpost for Gold and Reputation with the Company. As stated before, Gold Hoarders Emissaries will also receive Emissary Value with the Hoarders for selling the Chests while flying an Emissary Flag. Being an Emissary also increases the Gold and Reputation gains for selling Treasure Chests. Alternatively, Crews can choose to sell any Treasure Chests to the Reaper's Bones Representative at The Reaper's Hideout instead for equal Gold and Emissary Value gains, but less Reputation gains with the Reapers. Treasure Chests also have various achievable Commendations tied to selling them, offering players additional rewards, such as Titles, Doubloons or Reputation.

The following is a table of the multiplicative Rewards for selling Treasure Chests as Graded Emissaries.

Emissary Grade Rewards, Reputation & Emissary Value
Grade 1 Base Reward
Grade 2 +33% Base Reward
Grade 3 +67% Base Reward
Grade 4 +100% Base Reward
Grade 5 +150% Base Reward

When sold, the whole Crew is rewarded with equal amounts of Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value, while Alliance Members will earn half of the Gold and Reputation Gains, but no Emissary Value.

All Treasure Chests have a variable value with the minimum and maximum reported Gold rewards documented in the tables below.


There are various Types of Treasure Chests with varying values and effects:

Regular & Shipwrecked Chests[]

Regular Chests and the Shipwrecked variant, covered in barnacles, sell for the same amount of gold. Shipwrecked version can be found inside Shipwrecks, on Skeleton Ships or submerged on Islands.

Chest Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Castaway's Chest 60−130 Gold 300 Light brown, and thoroughly unremarkable. The metal casings are broken and bent.
Seafarer's Chest 140−260 Gold 600 The most common chest, dark brown with dim metal casings.
Marauder's Chest 280−520 Gold 1200 A more valuable chest, dark brown, with gold braces.
Captain's Chest 560−1,100 Gold 2400 The most valuable regular Chest, made with gold and dark wood and decorated with rubies.

Coral Treasure Chests[]

These chests can only be found in Siren Shrines or inside the vaults of Siren Treasuries.

Chest Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Coral Castaway's Chest 105−228 Gold 525 The regular chest with a fluorescent glow.
Coral Seafarer's Chest 245−455 Gold 1050 The regular chest with chunks of light blue coral and a fluorescent glow.
Coral Marauder's Chest 490−910 Gold 2100 The regular chest with flat pieces of coral and a fluorescent glow.
Coral Captain's Chest 980−1,925 Gold 4200 The regular chest with large chunks of coral varying in colour and a fluorescent glow.

Ashen Treasure Chests[]

Every regular Treasure Chest has a more valuable Ashen Version, commonly found in The Devil's Roar.

Chest Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Ashen Castaway's Chest 140−260 Gold 600 The regular chest with molten metal bits.
Ashen Seafarer's Chest 280−520 Gold 1200 The regular chest with molten metal bits.
Ashen Marauder's Chest 560−1,100 Gold 2400 The regular chest with molten metal bits.
Ashen Captain's Chest 1,100−2,100 Gold 4800 The regular chest with molten metal bits.

Valuable Chests[]

These Treasure Chests are more valuable than regular chests and are commonly received as prizes for dangerous Encounters on the seas:

Chest Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Chest of the Damned 1,000−1,160 Gold 3300 These Chests can only be acquired from Ghost Captain Ships sailing in the Ghost Fleet World Event.
Skeleton Captain's Chest 1,150−1,550 Gold 6000 These Skeletal Chests are often carried by Skeleton Ships or eaten by Megalodon.
Stronghold Chest 1,500−3,000 Gold 12000 A more valuable Treasure Chest, locked away behind Fortress Vaults, but sometimes also eaten by Megalodon.
Chest of Ancient Tributes 3,400−3,900 Gold 9720 These chests can be found in Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults, the keys of which can be found during Wayfinder Voyages. They can also be found after completing puzzles in the Sunken Kingdom Shrines in the Ancient Isles.

Cursed Chests[]

These Chests are rarer than regular Treasure Chests and all have a specific Cursed effect.

Chest Base Gold Reward Base Emissary Value Notes
Chest of a Thousand Grogs 2,200−2,600 Gold 7200 Players carrying this Chest will become immediately Drunk and start staggering. The Chest can additionally be used to refill Tankards with Grog.
Chest of Sorrow 3,000−3,500 Gold 9720 The chest periodically weeps and sobs loudly. Its tears can quickly fill up and sink any ship it is aboard.
Chest of Rage 3,000−3,500 Gold 9720 The chest will periodically overheat and explode, setting everything around it on Fire. Can be calmed by Buckets of water.
Chest of Everlasting Sorrow 6,000−7,000 Gold ??? The chest eternally weeps and sobs loudly. Its tears can quickly fill up and sink any ship it is aboard.


  • Clever locations to hide Treasure Chests throughout the ship: The Crow's Nest, on the Galleon captain's balcony, against the stairs or walls tucked by barrels on the lower deck, under or in front of the Helm, and on sail cross-beams (access by hopping down to them from the Crow's Nest). Turning off the lanterns below deck can help conceal hidden valuables.
  • There are Athena's Treasure versions of Treasure Chests, called the Chests of Legends, which are worth a considerable sum of Gold when sold to Athena's Fortune.


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