GalleonsGraveOutpost EquipmentShop Trevor.png
Type NPC
Location Galleon's Grave Outpost

Trevor is the shopkeep at the Equipment Shop on Galleon's Grave Outpost. Trevor is a wordsmith who is dedicated to leaving Galleon's Grave and Cooper behind him.


Dialogue icon.png

Greetings, my name is Trevor, how marvelous to see you! What a fructiferous day for some contented shopping!

You seem rather happy?

I'm filled with the pleasure of your most excellent majesty!
I'm overflowing with the joy of pirate commerce!
No point in disconsolation of feeling melancholy...
Not when would-be friends ingress and egress through my door.
Every customer is another chance of acquaintanceship!

Do you have anything different to the other Traders?

What are you insinuating? That I purport to be a mere mime?
My dear friend, I am but a convivial guide permeating with mirth!
Let me administer to your every need.
But I'll do so with a tumescent joy that will flow over you!
May I take pride in being your most affable chum?

Have you always worked here?

So compunctious to say, but no...
I was once under the employ of Plunder Outpost, under a far favorable sun.
One is in a spot of contention with that Cooper fellow, the clothing dealer.
I caught him entangled in a spot of thievery!
Such an uncouth gentleman, he managed to deflect the blame to me!
I've sanctioned myself to leave this intolerable place! Doesn't suit my temperament at all!

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