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TheGloriousSeaDog EquipmentShop Tristan.png
Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog
Voice Actor Thomas Whaley
You'll have to take your own cannonballs to our chest delivery ships I'm afraid, as ruffians keep stealing those that we put on them. DeMarco and Lesedi should have taken out one of my special protection policies.
— Tristan, Overheard in the tavern

Tristan the shopkeep at the Equipment Shop on The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern. Tristan also sells insurance policies as a means to feed his large "family".


Dialogue icon.png

Tristan's the name and I'm here to ensure all your hard-earned possessions are kept safe in this terribly dangerous world.

You can protect my possessions? That sounds ideal, tell me more.

Let's start with two of my most popular policies, shall we?
For just twice their purchase price, you can take out a policy that replaces you old items with new ones if they gt broken.
Should they get merely damaged, you'll be pleased to know I also offer an all hours repair service, again the cost is twice the purchase price.I don't want to hurry you, but I have a wife and four young ones to get home to.

Have you anything on sale?

Yes, I do have a small number of policies to suit more modest purses.
I've got a scheme that guards your items against loss or theft, but not if you lose them while at sea or should they be stolen by other pirates.
I can also coat your items in a special wax taken from the ears of gold striped pigs that will protect them against small scratches.
Both of these only cost the same as the item's purchase price.
I realy would appreciate the custom, I have a wife and five children to feed if you understand.

How much extra gold are you making on these policies, Tristan?

A mere pittance I assure you!
Certainly not enough to support my wife and six children.
The life of a trinket seller is a challenging one, but I'm sure my protection policies will be popular one day.