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Type NPC
Location Lagoon of Whispers
Related Legends of the Sea
Voice Actor Rebecca Lee

Umbra is a NPC who is found on Lagoon of Whispers.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Legends of the Sea[edit | edit source]

Quest for the Golden Bananas[edit | edit source]

Being a member of the Scribes, a band of cartographers that know all the hidden corners of the Sea of Thieves. It was because of this knowledge that she found herself a captive of Captain Bronzebeard who demanded that she decipher riddles, left by another prisoner, Blind Bob, that lead to a hidden stash of Golden Bananas. Rather than doing Bronzebeard's bidding, Umbra slipped from her chains, and made an escape on a skiff. She found herself caught in a great storm that battered and destroyed, leaving her marooned on an island. Though as luck would have it this was the very island Blind Bob hid the Golden Bananas.

Umbra would spend days racking her brain, remembering every riddle and symbol Blind Bob had shared with her during their time together in Captain Bronzebeard's brig. Several days passed until a crew of savvy pirates found her island and assisted her in uncovering the Golden Bananas. They then they struck a deal: her rescue in return for the Golden Bananas.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Greetings. My name is Umbra, I'm new to these shores. I seek the greatest of legends... perhaps you could help me?

What do you mean about the greatest of legends?

Of all the places I've seen, the Sea of Thieves holds the most magical and wonderful stories! A place where piracy can live forever...
I have devoted my life to recording tales of greatness... the most important being inked on my body. You see? Even my own tale is among my tattoos.
The adventures of the bold and unpredictable pirates who live here are perfect inspiration for more tattoos. Maybe I'll even ink your legend...

What do you need me to do?

I have begun compiling a list of all the rumours and tales of pirates great and small. However, I cannot follow all these threads by myself.
As soon as I unravel the legend of a famous pirate, I hear whispers of a new one who’s performed some wonderful feat!
I need you to track down and verify the rumours I hear. Even the list I have now is still growing. Do you feel the lure of curiosity?

I have something to show you!

I like your style… but I’m looking for something very specific.

Special dialogue when showing Umbra various Legends of the Sea related items:

Dialogue icon.png

Sure, what do you want to show me?

Show Legacy Beard

That beard reminds me of the legend of Beardageddon! It’s most certainly modelled after his mighty chin.
The stories say that he fought the Hungering One alone, in only his underwear! Sounds like madness.
Better yet, some accounts suggest that he had a chicken on board which survived to tell the tale…

Show Amethyst Angel Hair

That radiant purple! That’s the same colour used by Nerdy Netty, one of the loveliest pirates ever known.
It’s really quite something. No wonder she became famous - she’s very kind… and very hard to miss…

Show Stream Sailor Makeup

What a stunning, sea-inspired tone you wear. Just like Daggers McTimbers!
She’s quite the generous pirate. She once sailed for 24 hours straight, gaining gold donations from all she passed, to give to pirates in need!
You certainly can’t miss her colourful style when she comes ailing along…

Show Sea Dog Pegleg

That leg reminds me of the legendary Peg Leg Perez! Now that pirate gets into some scrapes.
His tale is well known - a pirate who came to these seas long ago, when the Outposts still had fresh paint!
He has a fantatical love for rare things - a collector and explorer with a heart for adventure. Watch out for that one...

Umbra, do you recognise me in this? (Wearing Golden Banana Set)

Wait... there's only two pirates who could be wearing that! You completed the quest for the golden bananas, didn't you?!
You succeeded where I could not, deciphering Blind Bob's riddles. A job well done!
If not for your efforts, I'd still be marooned on that isle... thank you!
So, to answer your question... of course I recognise you, banana-bearer!

Tattoo Shop[edit | edit source]

Umbra is a Tattoo artist and as such, she can sell the player all the Tattoo Sets in the game. The following Tattoos can be bought from Umbra:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]