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Veil of the Ancients Set
Veil of the Ancients Set Galleon.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Company Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune
Cost 3,371,270 Gold

The Veil of the Ancients Set is a cosmetic set themed after the Veil of the Ancients and the Ancients. The weapons are available for purchase after completing Legend of the Veil Commendations, while the ship sets and costume are available for purchase after progressing through Athena's Fortune reputation.

Set Components[]


  • Total Cost: 68,300 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Veil of the Ancients Costume.png
Veil of the Ancients Costume 68,300 Gold
30 30
Costume "Dressed in Ancient attire and donning a replica of the Veil, you look ready to the reach the Sea of the Damned."


  • Total Cost: 252,970 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Ancient Blunderbuss.png
Ancient Blunderbuss 67,775 Gold
Tower Defence commendation
Blunderbuss "This Blunderbuss shares the power of the Veil of the Ancients, it too can send pirates to the Sea of the Damned."
Ancient Cutlass.png
Ancient Cutlass 49,750 Gold
Veil Seeker commendation
Cutlass "The Ancients strived for balance in all things, especially swords."
Ancient Eye of Reach.png
Ancient Eye of Reach 67,595 Gold
Legendary Loot Seller commendation
Eye of Reach "The Veil may open portals to the Sea of the Damned, but this Eye of Reach will send your enemies there just as quick!"
Ancient Flintlock.png
Ancient Flintlock 67,850 Gold
Obliquity of the Ecliptic commendation
Pistol "There's more than one way for pirates to enter the Sea of the Damned... and a good pistol is one of them."


  • Total Cost: 3,050,000 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Veil of the Ancients Cannons.png
Veil of the Ancients Cannons 500,000 Gold
24 24
Cannons "They maty be old, but these cannons can sink a ship just as well as modern-day models."
Veil of the Ancients Capstan.png
Veil of the Ancients Capstan 500,000 Gold
25 25
Capstan "A sturdy capstan topped off by an eternally burning flame. Don't scorch your fingers!"
Veil of the Ancients Figurehead.png
Veil of the Ancients Figurehead 500,000 Gold
29 29
Figurehead "A replica of the Veil itself adorns the prow of your ship. Sail with legendary pride!"
Veil of the Ancients Flag.png
Veil of the Ancients Flag 50,000 Gold
21 21
Flags "Legendary Liz designed this flag after being inspired by a rock painting in The Ancient Isles."
Veil of the Ancients Hull.png
Veil of the Ancients Hull 500,000 Gold
22 22
Hull "A bold hull that makes use of the striking hues preferred by Ancient architects."
Veil of the Ancients Sails.png
Veil of the Ancients Sails 500,000 Gold
28 28
Sails "A faithful recreation of Ancient artwork, depicting the Veil's power being called upon."
Veil of the Ancients Wheel.png
Veil of the Ancients Wheel 500,000 Gold
27 27
Wheel "Wrestling with this heavy stone wheel must have kept Ancient sailors in excellent shape."

Patch history[]

  • (April 21, 2022)
    • Introduced.