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Venomous Kraken Set
Venomous kraken set.jpg
Type Cosmetic Set
Cost 2,990,925 Gold.png
Commendation(s) Legendary Kraken Hunter

The Venomous Kraken Set is a Cosmetic Set with a Kraken motif and a colour palette of green and yellow. As the name suggests, the items are adorned with features that strongly mimic characteristics of a kraken such as tentacles.

This set has 2 other colour variants: the Kraken Set (purple and blue), and the Inky Kraken Set (black and red)

This Set requires the Legendary Kraken Hunter commendation to be unlocked for purchase.

Set Components[]

Clothing Items[]

  • Total Cost: 346,950 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Venomous Kraken Belt 18,225 Gold.png
n/a Belt "Marked with a Kraken eye, this belt is for a master of monsters."
Venomous Kraken Boots 18,225 Gold.png
n/a Boots "You should look the part when you're dragged overboard by a sea creature."
Venomous Kraken Dress 72,900 Gold.png
n/a Dress "Recreating the embrace of the Kraken, another take on the idea of a 'figure-hugging' dress."
Venomous Kraken Gloves 18,225 Gold.png
n/a Gloves "Gloves that are fit for wrangling a slippery tentacle!"
Venomous Kraken Hat 91,800 Gold.png
n/a Hat "The hat of a pirate who isn't afraid of what lies beneath the waves."
Venomous Kraken Jacket 91,125 Gold.png
n/a Jacket "This Kraken jacket captures the power and mystery of everyone's favourite ship-squasher."
Venomous Kraken Trousers 36,450 Gold.png
n/a Bottoms "Kraken trousers! No longer just a tavern insult."

Vanity Items[]

  • Total Cost: 150,525 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Venomous Kraken Eyepatch 41,175 Gold.png
n/a Eyepatch "Nothing below the waves scares you; not while you've still got one good eye."
Venomous Kraken Hook 54,675 Gold.png
n/a Hook "This hook looks wicked enough to catch a Kraken... but if you're that close, it's already too late."
Venomous Kraken Pegleg 54,675 Gold.png
n/a Pegleg "This eerie peg-leg is wrapped in the Kraken's embrace, a reminder of the perils of the deep."

Equipment Items[]

  • Total Cost: 504,225 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Venomous Kraken Banjo 47,250 Gold.png
n/a Banjo "For Kraken vanquishers who also enjoy some rustic tunes, obviously."
Venomous Kraken Bucket 25,650 Gold.png
n/a Bucket "Bailing won't save you from the clutches of the dreaded Kraken."
Venomous Kraken Compass 37,800 Gold.png
n/a Compass "Find your way home, safe from Kraken attacks. If you're lucky."
Venomous Kraken Concertina 38,475 Gold.png
n/a Concertina "Somewhat creepy-looking, this concertina seems to sing to creatures of the deep."
Venomous Kraken Drum 47,250 Gold.png
n/a Drum "This sea-monster inspired drum would surely appeal to a certain 'Merry' Merrick…"
Venomous Kraken Fishing Rod 86,400 Gold.png
n/a Fishing Rod "Not tempting fate at all, nope, not one bit, you chose a fishing rod that looks like a Kraken."
Venomous Kraken Hurdy-Gurdy 38,475 Gold.png
n/a Hurdy-Gurdy "Play a tune on your Kraken hurdy, while being reminded not to get complacent on the Sea of Thieves…"
Venomous Kraken Lantern 25,650 Gold.png
n/a Lantern "A lantern made from a real Kraken's eye, or so you tell the new pirates…"
Venomous Kraken Pocket Watch 37,800 Gold.png
n/a Pocket Watch "Every second counts when the Kraken seizes your ship!"
Venomous Kraken Shovel 24,975 Gold.png
n/a Shovel "What better for digging up treasure over on Kraken's Fall?"
Venomous Kraken Speaking Trumpet 31,050 Gold.png
n/a Speaking Trumpet "Be heard even over the chaos of a Kraken attack with this creepy trumpet."
Venomous Kraken Spyglass 51,300 Gold.png
n/a Spyglass "Watch the waves for tell-tale signs of a looming Kraken!"
Venomous Kraken Tankard 12,150 Gold.png
n/a Tankard "Drink a grog to celebrate defeating the dreaded Kraken, making sure to spread your legend."


  • Total Cost: 477,225 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Venomous Kraken Blunderbuss 127,575 Gold.png
n/a Blunderbuss "This blunderbuss promises to spit lead as effectively as a Kraken spits out chewed pirates."
Venomous Kraken Cutlass 94,500 Gold.png
n/a Cutlass "Adorned with a Kraken eye, this blade seems to stare into your foe's soul as it takes it."
Venomous Kraken Eye of Reach 127,575 Gold.png
n/a Eye of Reach "With a reach as long as a Kraken's tentacle, this gun is a menace to pirates and sea monsters alike."
Venomous Kraken Flintlock Pistol 127,575 Gold.png
n/a Pistol "A wicked Kraken flintlock, sure to invoke the same sense of impending death as the beast itself."

Ship Components[]

  • Total Cost: 1,512,000 Gold.png
Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Venomous Kraken Cannons 165,375 Gold.png
n/a Cannons "Give sea monsters you encounter a blast from these Kraken cannons, just to rub salt in the wound!"
Venomous Kraken Capstan 165,375 Gold.png
n/a Capstan "A capstan as pointy and dangerous as the Kraken itself!"
Venomous Kraken Figurehead 330,750 Gold.png
n/a Figurehead "This figurehead celebrates the leviathans of the deep, alien and deadly."
Venomous Kraken Flag 23,625 Gold.png
n/a Flag "All hail your Kraken-conquering crew."
Venomous Kraken Hull 330,750 Gold.png
n/a Hull "Your ship's bound to get Kraken all over it sooner or later, anyway."
Venomous Kraken Sails 330,750 Gold.png
n/a Sails "A Kraken on your sails, because your ship is the real sea monster..."
Venomous Kraken Wheel 165,375 Gold.png
n/a Wheel "This wheel always seems to steer you towards clashes with epic sea beasties…"


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