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Versatile Weapon 1 Pose Emote
Versatile Weapon 1 Pose Emote.png
Type Emote
Set Standalone Cosmetics
Location Vanity Chest
Source Season Three Plunder Pass
Renown Level 40

The Versatile Weapon 1 Pose Emote is an Emote variant in Sea of Thieves.
Like all Emotes, the Versatile Weapon 1 Pose Emote can be performed through the Emote Wheel once the Emote has been equipped at a Vanity Chest.


The Versatile Weapon 1 Pose Emote can be equipped from the Vanity Chest, but requires:

In-game description

"Whether you're looking to show off, make friends or just cause a distraction, you'll find a Versatile Weapon Pose to help you out based on the weapon you're currently holding."


  • Versatile Weapon 1 Pose utilizes the weapon equipped in Slot 1.
  • The name displayed on the Emote Radial will change according to the weapon equipped (ex. "Versatile Blunderbuss Pose").


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