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Voyage Table
Voyage Table Galleon.png
Type Stationary Item
Location Ship
Related Voyages
Tall Tales

The Voyage Table or Captain's Table is a type of Stationary Item on every Ship in Sea of Thieves. The Voyage Table is used to vote for starting and cancelling Voyages or Tall Tales.


The Voyage Table can be interacted with by anyone who either has Voyages or Tall Tales in their Quest Inventory. Voyages can be purchased from Trading Company Representatives or from the Black Market on Outposts. To Start a Voyage, a Player has to put their selected Voyage down for a vote on the Voyage Table. The Voyage will be started and put in the Crew's Map Radial Menu if the selected Voyage gets the majority of the votes. Likewise, Voyages can be cancelled with a majority of the Crew's votes. Only one Voyage can be active at one time.

Tall Tales cannot be voted for on the Voyage Table and have to be started from the location of the Tale Books instead. When a Tale Book receives the majority of the Crew's votes, the Tale will become active in the Map Radial Menu and also appear on the Voyage Table. Crews can only have one Tall Tale active at a time. When a player has reached a Checkpoint within a Tall Tale, they can put the Tale up for a vote on the Voyage Table to start the Tale from that Checkpoint instead. Tall Tales have to be cancelled via voting on the Voyage Table.


  • Crews can have a single Tall Tale and Voyage active at the same time.
  • Active Tall Tales and Voyages on the Voyage Table are visible for all Crews and Pirates, meaning that it is possible to sneak on a Ship and determine their current Quests.
  • The crew keeps its Tall Tale checkpoints after the Tall Tale has been cancelled.