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Voyages are thematic collections of Quests that players can choose to embark upon. Voyages can be purchased from Trading Companies at all Outposts. To begin a Voyage, players must put purchased Voyages up for a vote on the ship's Captain's Table. Each Company provides different types of Voyages of varying difficulties.



In order to begin a Voyage, a crew member must interact with the ship's Captain's Table to select the Voyage they wish to go on. If the crew has only one player, the Voyage will begin immediately. If not, the Voyage has to receive a majority vote to begin. Once voted for, the Voyage will become active, indicated with a title card for the Voyage.

Crews can vote to cancel any active Voyage by voting at the Captain's Table.


A single Voyage is usually composed of a variable number of quests and chapters. The difficulty, number of objectives and the overall length of Voyages purchased from the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance increases with the player's purchased promotions with the respective companies.

Each Trading Company Voyage consists of unique quest types, varying from classic treasure maps to engaging combat or cargo shipping, as well as many more.

A multi-chapter Voyage is indicated by "Chapter One" appearing on the title card of the activated Voyage. These Voyages present quests in chapters, with following chapters appearing only when all the quests of the previous chapter are completed. The completion of a chapter is always indicated with another title card, with the last chapter always being introduced as the "Final Chapter". Once a Voyage is complete, a final title card will be presented to indicate its completion.

Types of Voyages[]

Voyages are generally themed around the Trading Company that provides them, sending players in search of treasure, locations or NPCs relevant to the company. Most Voyages take part in the three main regions of the Sea of Thieves, although Devil's Roar Voyages, focused in that region but with higher rewards, can be purchased from Morrow's Peak Outpost.

Gold Hoarders Voyages[]

Purchased from Gold Hoarder NPCs at any Outpost.

These Voyages are themed around retrieving stashed riches and gold, buried on islands or hidden in vaults.

Rewards Treasure Chests and Artefacts.

Treasure Map Voyage[]

Main article: Treasure Map Voyage

Treasure Map Voyages include a mix of X Marks the Spot Maps and Riddle Maps. X Marks the Spot Maps require players to identify a number of islands from an illustrated map, and use a shovel to dig in multiple X marked locations from the map. Riddle Maps require players to solve 2-4 clues and puzzles, which leads to buried treasure. The Voyage is considered complete once every item has been dug up.

Wayfinder Voyage[]

Main article: Wayfinder Voyage

Wayfinder Voyages can be purchased by players who have the rank 25 promotion with the Gold Hoarders. This Voyage gives players access to a Wayfinder Compass that leads them to the burial location of a Treasure Vault Key. These keys can be sold or used to unlock a Gold Hoarder Treasure Vault.

Onboarding Voyage[]

Main article: Onboarding Voyage

The Onboarding Voyage is an introductory Voyage offered by the Gold Hoarders. This Voyage can only be bought and placed on a Voyage Table by new players who have just completed the Maiden Voyage. The Onboarding Voyage teaches players how to buy, vote for and complete a Voyage.

Merchant Alliance Voyages[]

Purchased from Merchant Alliance NPCs at any Outpost.

These Voyages are themed around retrieving, collecting and delivering goods, in the form of crates or caged animals.

Rewards Trade Good Crates and Cargo Crates.

Merchant Contract[]

Main article: Merchant Contract

Merchant Contracts require players to find and return animals and/or Gunpowder Barrels to a specific Outpost by a set time. Animals cabe captured inside animal crates provided by any Merchant Alliance NPCs, and kept alive until delivery.

Cargo Run[]

Main article: Cargo Run

Cargo Runs requires players to pick-up and deliver a number of Cargo Crates from one specific NPC to another. The crates will be requested to be picked up from a nearby tavern, shopkeeper, Merchant Alliance or island NPC. The recipient NPC and delivery date are marked on the crates. The condition of these crates can degrade and must be taken care of to increase gold reward on delivery.

Lost Shipments[]

Main article: Lost Shipments

Lost Shipments provide players with a single trade route map, which shows the route of a previous merchant ship. Players will need to follow the route in search of birds circling debris where clues can be found. One of these debris piles will contain the Captain's Key which, after following clues to the shipwreck, can be used to unlock the captain's cabin full of Trade Good Crates.

Order of Souls Voyages[]

Purchased from Order of Souls NPCs at any Outpost.

These Voyages are themed around combat, either hand-to-hand or naval.

Rewards Bounty Skulls.

Bounty Voyage[]

Bounty Voyages require players to go to specific islands to destroy Skeleton Captains and their skeleton crews to retrieve their Bounty Skulls. Players are given Bounty Maps with 1-4 crews per island. The Voyage is considered complete once all Skeleton Captains have been defeated.

Ghost Ship Voyage[]

Main article: Ghost Ship Voyage

Ghost Ship Voyages require players to go to a specific large island surrounded by Ghost Ships. Players will need to use their ship's cannons to defeat a number of Ghost Ships, followed by a wave of Ghost Flagships and a Ghost Captain Ship. The Voyage is considered complete once the Ghost Captain Ship has been destroyed.

Athena's Fortune Voyages[]

While these Voyages can only be purchased by Pirate Legends from the Athena's Fortune Hideout, non-Pirate Legends can also complete this Voyage when it has been placed for voting on a ship's Voyage Table.

Voyage of Legends[]

The Voyage of Legends consists of two chapters, with the first composed of Quests from each of the three Trading Companies. This includes 2 X Marks the Spot Maps, 2 Riddle Maps, 2 Bounty Voyages and 2 Cargo Runs. The final chapter provides a single map leading to a Chest of Legends.

Legend of the Veil[]

Main article: Legend of the Veil

Legend of the Veil is a three-chapter voyage in which players will meet with the Pirate Lord and help him uncover the Veil Stones that belong to the Veil of the Ancients.

The first two chapters of the will always be random, with some chapters being puzzle-oriented whereas others are combat-oriented. The third and final chapter will always be the same, with players sieging a Sea Fort defended by multiple Ghost Ships and a large, green tornado. Completing this chapter will reward the bulk of the Voyage's treasure, including Athena's Fortune Treasure exclusive to the Legend of the Veil.

Bilge Rats Voyages[]

Purchased from Larinna outside any Outpost tavern.

Mercenary Voyages[]

Main article: Mercenary Voyages

Mercenary Voyages encapsulate a varied collection of Voyages with mixed Quests and objectives. Mercenary Voyages are mostly time-limited for the duration of a Content Update or event, costing Doubloons instead of gold to purchase. These Voyages vary in Quest types, locations, chapter numbers and treasure to match the current event. While Mercenary Voyages reward treasure, many also count for various Commendations, which can unlock time-limited titles or cosmetics when completed.

Stash Voyages[]
Main article: Stash Voyages

Stash Voyages are Mercenary Voyages that are permanently available for purchase from Larinna for a high Doubloons cost. These Voyages consist of a single Treasure Map for the closest Outpost, which rewards players with a single one of their chosen Bilge Rat Treasure items, necessary for interacting with other features in-game.

Athena's Run of Thieves' Haven[]

Athena's Run of Thieves' Haven is the only current Athena's Run Voyage permanently available from Larinna for 50 Doubloons. The Voyage takes players to Thieves' Haven and nearby islands to retrieve Athena's Fortune Treasure. These treasure items can be sold to the Mysterious Stranger for Athena's Fortune reputation and gold.

Gilded Voyages[]

Main article: Gilded Voyages

Gilded Voyages are special, lucrative Voyages that are offered by the Bilge Rats for a limited time, usually during the holiday season. Gilded variations of Voyages from each Trading Company provides players with larger numbers of valuable treasures. Players can only obtain one Gilded Voyage per event.

Captain's Voyages[]

Main article: Captain's Voyages

Captain's Voyages are more compact versions of regular Trading Company Voyages, but are only available to Captains and their crews. They can be purchased from the Shipwright Shop at any Outpost and allow players to choose from a variety of quest types, and a mix of shorter or more time-consuming Voyages. 50 of each can be stored in a Captained ship's on-board Voyage Storage, and can be voted upon from the ship's Voyage Table.


Patch history[]

  • 1.0.8 (May 23, 2018)
    • On to the Next! - Players can now discard unwanted voyages within the Quick Menu. No more having to propose them on the Captain's Table and cancel them!
  • 1.0.4 (April 18, 2018)
    • Company icons in the voyage pop-up UI are now the correct size.
    • Voyage description text has been increased in size, and should now be easier to read from a distance.