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GoldenSandsOutpost WeaponsmithShop Wanda.png
Type NPC
Location Golden Sands Outpost
Voice Actor Katherin Kingsley

Wanda, now known as Captain Warsmith or Masked Stranger, was the Weaponsmith at Golden Sands Outpost.


Captain Warsmith

Wanda believed her business was the top in the Sea of Thieves, though she disliked selling to pirates. A businessman named Salty had obtained a Cursed Cannon that belonged the legendary Captain Flameheart. He established a partnership with Wanda, and they tried to replicate the many magical effects of the Cursed Cannon through alchemy and blacksmithing, creating consumable cannonball versions. They tried to sell the cannonballs at the Outposts, but Outpost governors refused to give them seller permits for their goods. Wanda became especially frustrated, believing the Order of Souls were behind the conspiracy.

She created more dangerous cursed cannonballs, waiting until the Outposts came back to their senses. One experiment backfired horribly, inflicting Wanda and Salty under a terrible curse. Salty turned into a small undead skeleton parrot, and Wanda was slowly turning into an undead skeleton, both slowly losing memories of who they are. Just prior to Cursed Sails, her affliction robbed her voice and caused a noticeable transformation to her arm. She also displayed cursed cannonballs in her shop that were rewarded for the eventual Cursed Sails campaign. Once she fully transformed into a skeleton, she left her shop to her twin sister Wonda, and waged war on the outposts as Skeleton Captain, "Captain Warsmith". She helped create the Skeleton Ships, and helmed The Sandman’s Revenge for its battle in Cursed Sails.

The Cursed Sails Campaign prompts pirates to trace Wanda's disappearance at Sharon's request, through her journals scattered in the Sea of Thieves.

Wanda, apparently disguised as the Masked Stranger, is next seen in Dark Brethren, where she meets with Davy Jones, the Gold Hoarder, and Duke at the Coral Fortress in a conference as the Dark Brethren. Her journals within the Coral Fortress suggest she had become disillusioned with her loyalty to Flameheart and now seeks his undoing.


Dialogue icon.png

What brings you to Wanda's shop? What could you possibly want?

;Is something wrong?

And what could possibly be wrong?
I'm running an unsurpassed business that's second to none.
Perhaps the problem may be the lowlifes I have to sell to?
Yes that's it!
Pirate wannabes with rusty blades and rusty minds.
Just like you!

;What would you recommend for my armoury?

The bottom of the ocean!
Really! I bet it's full of nothing but bilge!
You're here now at least, unless you made a mistake walking in here?
I wouldn't be surprised.

;Do you make the weapons all by yourself?

Now there's an idea! Someone who actually makes an honest living around here.
Not that the likes of you would know much about that!
As soon as I make enough coin, I'll be gone.
Good luck finding a decent blade and shooter when that day comes.


  • Both Wanda and Wonda have a tear drop tattoo below their eyes, Wanda's to the left, and Wonda's to the right.