Wanda was a merchant in Sea of Thieves. She ran the Weaponsmith's Shop at Golden Sands Outpost. She doesn't seem to care for pirates much, including the players - but gold is gold. She now travels on Skeleton Ships under the name Captain Warsmith, now a Skeleton Lord. There was a short side quest during cursed sails explaining her disappearance and the emergence of skeleton ships within the world.


What brings you to Wanda's shop? What could you possibly want?

Is something wrong?
And what could possibly be wrong? I'm running an unsurpassed business that's second to none. Perhaps the problem may be the lowlifes I have to sell to? Yes that's it! Pirate wannabes with rusty blades and rusty minds. Just like you!
What would you recommend for my armoury?
The bottom of the ocean! Really! I bet it's full of nothing but bilge! You're here now at least, unless you made a mistake walking in here? I wouldn't be surprised.
Do you make the weapons all by yourself?
Now there's an idea! Someone who actually makes an honest living around here. Not that the likes of you would know much about that! As soon as I make enough coin, I'll be gone. Good luck finding a decent blade and shooter when that day comes.


when update V1.1.5 was introduced Wanda had forgotten her name and was known only as The Blacksmith. She had lost her voice as well. There was a bandage on her right arm that she is visibly concerned about as could be seen through her shop window. Wanda would stop looking at it and attempted to hide if a player came inside the shop. As part of the cursed sails update Wanda has now run of with skeletons.

  • She is confirmed to be cursed. Recently, she has been seen to be cursed, and afflicted by a skeletal arm, which she will hide upon entry of the blacksmith. previously on top of the blacksmith there was a skeleton parrot, now known to be salty (another NPC). She has also been seen with cursed cannonballs.
  • Wanda is now known as Captain Warsmith, a cursed Skeleton Lord of the Sandman's Revenge during the Cursed Sails Event.
  • During the Cursed Sails event, it is explained that along with Salty, Wanda discovered one of Captain Flameheart's Cursed Cannons. Which is suggested to be why she was cursed and turned into a Skeleton.
  • Wanda has a twin sister named Wonda who now runs the Weaponsmith Shop at Golden Sands Outpost


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