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Wanda’s Spyglass
Wanda’s Spyglass.png
Type Spyglass
Set Standalone Cosmetics
Location Equipment Chest
Source Season Four
Renown Level 100

Pirate Legend

The Wanda’s Spyglass is a Spyglass variant in Sea of Thieves.
The Wanda’s Spyglass functions identically to other Spyglass variants, providing only a unique appearance.


The Wanda’s Spyglass can be equipped from the Equipment Chest, but requires:

In-game description

"Ever the weaponsmith, Wanda fashioned this tool herself using the barrel of a broken blunderbuss."


  • There are three Skeleton Runes on Wanda's Spyglass. One on the base that reads Eternity, one in the middle that reads Cursed, and one on the lens cap which the translation is unknown, but has appeared on other items such as the Reaper’s Bones Hull.
  • The red tint of the spyglass' scope causes certain side-effects with the transparencies of other entities, such as:
    • Phantoms will take on a more earthly appearance.
    • Objects obscured by fog will have a more defined silhouette.
    • Darkness during the night is strengthened.


Patch history[]

{{patch|2.3.0 | Introduced. }