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Type NPC
Location Morrow's Peak Outpost

Wednesday is the Weaponsmith at Morrow's Peak Outpost.


Dialogue icon.png

What dark deeds can I assist you with today? A cutlass for stabbing a cur in the back? A pistol to put holes in your rivals?

You seem at home, here.

Oh yes! I enjoy the darker side of life, you see.
The Devil's Roar is one step closer to the Devil himself, in my eyes.
My weapons get put to good use here.
The only downside is that Shipwright, Stevie. She's so annoyingly positive! Argh! Feel free to try out my weapons on her.

Dark deeds?

I love a pirate who embraces the cutthroat side of pirating.
Stab a fool in the back! Steal his treasure! Stab him again!
Or are you the type who upholds honour among thieves?
I don't see the appeal.

You seem to really love violence.

You don't? Why are you in the weapon shop?
Look at this ornate, black cutlass. It's crying out to take a life!
And this Admiral Blunderbuss. A bit posh for my tastes, but it can still take the head clean off any pirate who makes fun of your name!
...I mean, or so I'd imagine.