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Wicked Web Set
Wicked Web Set.png
Type Cosmetic Set
Related Season Four
Cost 2,594,700 Gold

The Wicked Web Set is a Cosmetic Set that could be unlocked through Season Four Rewards and Fury of the Damned event rewards.

Set Components[]


  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Wicked Web Belt.png
Wicked Web Belt
n/a Belt "A very sturdy belt guaranteed to keep your trousers in place, along with anything else it touches."
Wicked Web Boots.png
Wicked Web Boots
n/a Boots "Send spiders scurrying for the shadows as you stomp around your ship in these heavy boots."
Wicked Web Dress.png
Wicked Web Dress
n/a Dress "Plenty of dresses are made from spun silk, but this one may be taking things slightly too far."
Wicked Web Gloves.png
Wicked Web Gloves
n/a Gloves "Aspiring pickpockets need look no further than these gloves, as they bestow extremely sticky fingers."
Wicked Web Hat.png
Wicked Web Hat
n/a Hat "A hardy, wide-brimmed hat that makes for an ideal home - if you’re a spider, that is."
Wicked Web Jacket.png
Wicked Web Jacket
n/a Jacket "The perfect piece of clothing for pirates who frequently find themselves in sticky situations."
Wicked Web Shirt.png
Wicked Web Shirt
n/a Shirt "A thin shirt that can charitably be described as lightweight and breathable. Where’s the rest of it?"
Wicked Web Trousers.png
Wicked Web Trousers
n/a Bottoms "Despite their appearance, these trousers have just two legs and so were clearly designed with humans in mind."


  • Total Cost: n/a
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Wicked Web Beard.png
Wicked Web Beard
n/a Beard "A high-maintenance beard into which an intricate, web-like design has been carefully shaved."
Wicked Web Bunched Hair.png
Wicked Web Bunched Hair
n/a Hair "Having your hair tied back neatly like this helps to avoid getting it caught in cobwebs."
Wicked Web Eyepatch.png
Wicked Web Eyepatch
n/a Eyepatch "Wearing this highly adhesive eyepatch is easy. Taking it off again is another matter."
Wicked Web Hook.png
Wicked Web Hook
n/a Hook "A peculiar hook that rather resembles the leg of a skulking spider. People may not want to shake it."
Wicked Web Pegleg.png
Wicked Web Pegleg
n/a Pegleg "This gossamer-shrouded pegleg is the last remaining example of an eight-piece set."
Wicked Web Swept Hair.png
Wicked Web Swept Hair
n/a Hair "The rest of your outfit may be coated in cobwebs, but at least your hair is immaculate."


  • Total Cost: 24,300 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Wicked Web Tankard.png
Wicked Web Tankard 24,300 Gold Banishing the Damned commendation Tankard "This is one very stylish way to keep annoying flies away from your grog."


  • Total Cost: 255,150 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Wicked Web Blunderbuss.png
Wicked Web Blunderbuss 255,150 Gold Banishing the Damned commendation Blunderbuss "If this is pointed at you, you have a lot more to fear than lurking spiders."


  • Total Cost: 2,315,250 Gold
Image Name Cost Rep Type In-game description
Wicked Web Cannons.png
Wicked Web Cannons 330,750 Gold Banishing the Damned commendation Cannons "Standing next to one of these when it’s fired will certainly blow away the cobwebs."
Wicked Web Collector's Figurehead.png
Wicked Web Collector's Figurehead 1,323,000 Gold Vanquishing the Damned commendation Figurehead "Spiders using glittering gems to lure pirates into their web? That's basically cheating."
Wicked Web Figurehead.png
Wicked Web Figurehead 661,500 Gold Banishing the Damned commendation Figurehead "Useful shipboard residents or creepy, unwanted guests? You and your crew can decide."

Patch history[]

  • 2.3.0 (September 23, 2021)
    • Introduced.
    • Added Clothing, and Vanity items as Season Rewards.
    • Added Tankard, Blunderbuss, Cannons, and Figureheads as event rewards.