Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog
When you're winning, be prepared for other crews to combine their attacks against you. Not a situation you'll find yourself in very often, though.
— Winter, Overheard in the tavern

Winter is the shopkeep at the Weaponsmith's Shop at The Glorious Sea Dog.


Dialogue icon.png

Yeah, I'm Winter. I've got plenty of time for great pirates, for you I can spare a couple of breaths.

What's your favourite weapon combination? Is it cutlass and blunderbuss or flintlock and eye of reach?

You're not as stupid as you look.
You're MORE stupid.
Everyone knows gunpowder kegs are the way to solve disputes between pirates.
If your brains were a gunpowder keg, it wouldn't be enough to blow your hat off.

Why did your parents decide to call you Winter?

They didn't.
I used to be called Summer, but it was a bad decision and a terrible fit, so I changed it.
I'd say the same about the clothes you are wearing.

If your cutlasses are as sharp as your jokes then I'm a dead pirate walking.

Is that really the best insult you've got?
I've won "Open Speaking Trumpet" comedy nights at every outpost on the seas.
No-one wants to sit at the front when I'm performing.
But I'm a fair woman.
I won't have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

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