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GoldenSandsOutpost WeaponsmithShop Wonda.png
Type NPC
Location Golden Sands Outpost

Wonda is the Weaponsmith at Golden Sands Outpost, succeeding her sister Wanda after her mysterious disappearance. Where her sister might have been conceited, Wonda maintains a patient composure. While both learned the family trade of weaponsmithing, she favored fighting skill over arsenal. She doesn't despise pirates, instead she seeks to make them better fighters.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Come in then, let's find you a weapon so you don't end up with the Ferryman.

So, you decided to stay?

I felt I had to do something to honour the person my sister was before she became...
Captain Warsmith. Hm, she always did have a dramatic streak.
The rumours of her defeat are mixed - many say she was still kicking when she sank below the waves.
So, I'll stay here and make sure pirates like you are equipped for the day she returns.

What's that about the Ferryman?

You must know? When a pirate dies in the Sea of Thieves, they go to the Ferry of the Damned.
Then they get to return to life, good as new...
But that Ferryman is no angel. I've heard of people being kept there for months, years, even decades, not even knowing how much time has passed.
So just to be safe, buy a weapon already.

What's your best weapon?

The best weapon, pirate, is the one in your hand.
I can craft fine blades and fancy pistols, but what matters most is your skill.
Wanda never quite got that, she always wanted bigger and better.
Oh, it also helps to blast the skeletons from the shore with your cannons too.
Heh. Why take chances?

During Cursed Sails[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Hey. Weapons for sale... don't mind the mess... what am I even doing here?

What happened to Wanda?

My ugly sister Wanda has swanned off somewhere, leaving me to watch her shop!
I wouldn't mind, but it's not safe out here with the skeletons on the warpath.
Plus, she's left it in a right state. Have you seen?
I'll show her... want a cheeky discount?

Who are you?

My name's Wonda. With an 'o'. Our parents were... simple folk.
People tell us we're twins, but I got the looks. Wanda got the stick up her...
I learned the family trade too. I can smith a mean pistol. But my passion lies in the art of fighting.
See, it isn't the weapon that makes the warrior. It's the skill. I could kill you with half a dead fish! But... not today.

Will you fight for The Shores of Plenty?

Oh, I'll be fighting, alright. Soon as I've shifted Wanda's stock.
Oddly she has a lot of cannonballs lying around. Might shoot a few of them at our skelly attackers.
This is a beautiful place. None of us want to see become a graveyard.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both Wanda and Wonda have a tear drop tattoo below their eyes, Wanda's to the left, and Wonda's to the right.