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X Marks the Spot Map
Treasure Map.png
Type Quest
Company Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders

An X Marks the Spot Map (or Treasure Map) is a type of Quest in Sea of Thieves. These Maps are thematically tied to the Gold Hoarders Trading Company that issue them as a part of their Voyages.

Where to Find[]

X Marks the Spot Quests can be acquired from:

The Quest[]

Once Player Crews have acquired an X Marks the Spot Map they can access it from the Map Radial Menu, viewed with the Primary Use button (Keyboard White Mouse Left.png/360 RT.png) and showed to others with Secondary Use (Keyboard White Mouse Right.png/360 LT.png).

Discovering the Chest[]

Each X Marks the Spot Map depicts an Island on The Sea of Thieves, which players will have to identify via the Map Table and then navigate to. Once on the Island, players will have to use various Landmarks and Compass directions to locate the exact spot that the Xs mark on the Map. Once at the right location, they have to dig with their Shovel to uncover a single Treasure Item. A dull thud will be heard if the player is in the right spot. Each Treasure may need upwards of 10 digs depending on the difficulty of the Quest. Sometimes, Skeletons also spawn around the dug up Treasure to try and keep players from taking it with them. After a piece of Treasure is dug up, its respective X disappears from the Map. The Map will disappear or be counted Complete once all the Xs are solved.


X Mark the Spot Maps that are a part of Gold Hoarders Voyages or Bottle Quests uncover Treasure Chests that can to be returned to the Gold Hoarders Company Representatives on Outposts or the Reaper's Bones Representative at The Reaper's Hideout for Gold and Company Reputation. The X Mark the Spot Maps that come with Mercenary Voyages uncover new types of Items introduced with the current Content Updates. The Treasure Maps of Skeleton's Orders that are dropped by defeated Emergent Skeleton Captains lead to various high value Treasure items. Athena's Fortune Emissary Quest and Athena's Fortune Voyage final chapter Treasure Maps reveal Athena's Fortune Treasure instead.

Emissary Mechanics[]

Any Crews sailing as Gold Hoarders Emissaries or Athena's Fortune Emissaries can gain Emissary Grade Reputation for completing Treasure Maps. Gold Hoarders Emissaries gain Grade Reputation for any Treasure Maps, whereas Athena's Fortune Emissaries gain Grade Reputation for Treasure Maps found in Bottle Quests or Athena's Fortune Voyages, but not from Mercenary Voyages. The Emissary Grade Reputation bonus does not apply for any other Trading Company Emissaries. Grade Reputation is only given if the final X is found and not after solving individual X's.

Ashen Treasure Maps[]

Players can come upon "Red", singed versions of Treasure Maps, which only lead to Islands in The Devil's Roar Region. These Maps can reward Crews with Ashen versions of Treasure Chests, which are worth 2x their regular counterparts, or with Cursed Chests which are even more valuable, but difficult to handle. These Maps can randomly be found inside Bottle Quests (mainly in The Devil's Roar Region, with other Regions having a low chance) and as a part of Ashen Gold Hoarders Voyages or Ashen Athena's Fortune Voyages.

Accessibility Settings[]

If the red X markings are hard to see, there is a colourblind menu option to change the colour of the X's to a high contrast white.