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Type NPC
Location Brian's Bazaar
Company The Hunter's Call icon.png The Hunter's Call
Apparently, there are different colours of each fish, some of them are extremely rare and exist only in rumour. I can't tell the difference though and I don't really care.
— Zharick, Overheard at Merrick's Campfire

Zharick is The Hunter's Call representative stationed at Brian's Bazaar. She is the sister of Merrick, and ex-wife of Emerick, all members of The Hunter's Call.

Zharick, estranged from Emerick, seeks more adventure than the Hunter's Call would offer.


Dialogue icon.png

I'm Zharick, Merrick's sister, Derrick's aunt and previous wife of Emerick. Yes, it's complicated.

I'm so excited to answer the Hunter's Call!

I don't see the point of it.
Why anyone would want to eat things like chicken and fish is quite beyond me.
All the pirates I've met seem happy enough just eating bananas.

Any expert advice you can share, Zharick?

Use your fishing rod. Kill a few pigs. Do some cooking. Things like that.
I've tried fishing, but sitting at the sea for hours is not my idea of an exciting life.
Can't see the appeal of cooking, either. I once cooked some shark meat, but the smell upset my stomach and I was sick in the pot.
Didn't fancy eating after that, so I've never been near anything being cooked since.

You seem under the weather. Anything I can do to cheer you up?

I've wasted the best years of my life with that Emerick!
Him and his obsession with those ridiculous tall tales.
His latest is that a man at a seapost is a Skeleton Lord in disguise!
Well, that did it for me. I packed my chest and I said goodbye.
I want to live a little, the bright lights of Golden Sands Outpost are calling me!