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Weapons are items used for combat against enemies or other players. A player can carry 2 out of the 4 available weapons at any time. Weapons may be swapped using an Armoury found on all ships, and outside the entrance of Weaponsmith's Shops.

All new players will automatically have the basic Sailor Cutlass, Sailor Pistol, Sailor Blunderbuss, and Sailor Eye of Reach available for use from the very start, with the Cutlass and Flintlock equipped by default.

The Flintlock, Blunderbuss, and Eye of Reach each hold 5 shots worth of ammunition at one time, which must be refilled when used up. Ammo can be refilled at an Ammo Chest or Ammo Crate.

Alternate cosmetic variants of each weapon are available for purchase from the Weaponsmith's Shop. In general, all cosmetic variants function identically, and differ only cosmetically. However shape and size may vary slightly. Certain variants of the Flintlock offer an iron sight, while certain variants of the Eye of Reach have uniquely coloured scope lens.

Cannons are stationary weapons that appear by mounted on all Ships, or found at most Forts and Large Islands.

Types of Weapons[]

There are currently four different weapons in the Sea of Thieves:


主要章目: Cutlass

The Cutlass is a sword with a variety of special maneuvers, and is the only melee weapon in the game. A player can swing, block and dodge, connect three-hit sword combos and charge or lunge at the foe with the Cutlass. This makes it the most versatile out of all the weapons, with special hidden maneuvers known only to the most skilled of swordsmen. A single slashing attack deals 25% damage, while a lunge attack deals 60% damage.


主要章目: Flintlock

The Flintlock is a mid-range pistol. This weapon fires and reloads faster than both the Eye of Reach and the Blunderbuss, but deals less damage. When fired, the bullet follows a steep arc which requires very precise aim over long distances. For this reason, it's considered somewhat unreliable as a long-ranged weapon. Though, the Flintlock retains most of its accuracy when hip-firing which makes it an ideal sidearm for close and mid-range combat. A single Flintlock shot deals 55% damage.


主要章目: Blunderbuss

The Blunderbuss is a shotgun-type firearm which shoots a cluster of pellets from its broad muzzle. This weapon is ineffective at long range, however once the enemy is close enough, it becomes very deadly. The Blunderbuss is most effective when aiming before firing, as this reduces the spread of the pellets. If a Pirate is shot from point-blank range while the sights are aimed, they will immediately die even at full health. A close range hit from the Blunderbuss will also knock-back the enemy, making this weapon ideal for boarding Sloops and Brigantines as it can be used to easily knock Pirates off their ships. The spray contains 10 pellets, each dealing 10% damage.

Eye of Reach[]

Eye of Reach.png
主要章目: Eye of Reach

The Eye of Reach is a long-range rifle with a mounted scope. The cracks in the scope act as cross-hairs to aid in a Pirate's accuracy. The Eye of Reach is ideal for picking off enemies from long distances. Hip-firing an Eye of Reach is far more likely to miss than when aiming down the Scope, making this weapon difficult to use in close-range. The Eye of Reach is very powerful, dealing 70% damage in a single shot, which makes it very effective against enemy boarders trying to swim towards your ship or for picking off Skeletons at a distance. Like the Spyglass, the scope on the Eye of Reach will reflect the Sun or Moonlight, giving away your position from afar. For this reason, is to be used sparingly when stealth is required.


Here are all the different Cosmetic Variants of the four main weapons.







Eye of Reach[]



  • You can use Weapons as a sort of flare by firing towards locations to indicate Players of the location or direction of a point of interest.
  • While not running a Cutlass largely removes the mobility of a Pirate, double-gunning can be very effective when boarding ships as switching weapons and following gunshots next to each other can quickly pick off single enemies. For example, a Flintlock and Eye of Reach shot after one another is enough to immediately kill any Pirate at full health. Be careful, as you need time between each kill to reload both weapons.
  • While an Armoury does not offer to replenish the ammo of a Firearm like the Ammo Chest does, then it can none-the-less be used to refill your Ammo, by switching weapons and then switching back to your original Firearm. This makes it possible to have longer shootouts on Outposts, as you can reload your weapons in front of the Weaponsmith's Shop.