Sea of Thieves Wiki

Menus are used in Sea of Thieves to navigate through various aspects of the game.

List of Menus[]

  • Main Menu - The Main Menu of the game allows players to choose their Game Mode and access the Pirate Emporium, the Settings Menu or even the introductory Maiden Voyage.
  • Game Options Menu - Available in-game, this Menu gives players access to various Crew Options and the Settings Menu.
  • Settings Menu - Available through the Main Menu and the Game Options Menu. Used to modify various game Settings.
  • Quick Menu - The larger "Inventory" Menu, where players can access their Player, Equipment and Quest Inventories, as well as take a look at their Reputation Rank, Commendation and Emissary progress with a specific Company


Round menus used in-game to switch or select various game items and actions.

  • Equipment Radial - Used to access Equipment and Resource items, as well as Bait and Throwables
  • Map Radial - Used to access Quests, Tall Tales, Tall Tale Equipment and Voyages
  • Pirate Wheel of Emotions - Used to perform various emotes.
  • Pirate Chat Radial - Offers various preset text chat messages to communicate to pirates.